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I’m Abiola Abrams, America’s Self-Love Coach, and this lifestyle blog is Sacred Bombshell Living.

SACRED BOMBSHELL: (noun) a woman who loves, honors, and cherishes herself; in mind, body, and spirit. 

What is this blog about? This is a movement  about living life as an empowered and healthy passionate adventure.

So what else can you find here?

This addictive #SacredAndTheCity blog features: articles, videos, tutorials, diaries and advice about all things passion: juicy self-love, relationships, healthy food, entertaining, inspiration and celebrity interviews with a healthy dose of empowerment. So glad that you’ve joined me!
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I’m all about #XOPASSION - that’s SELF-LOVE, JOY & INSPIRATION. Whether you want less fear, a better relationship, healthier body or more creativity at work, going within is the key. As your Life Coach, Author, Love & Lifestyle Journalist, I am passionate about with your HAPPINESS.

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Abiola Abrams

Our BLOG themes? This addictive blog and companion video episodes are obsessed with healthy living, wellness, and mind, body, spirit empowerment.

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This is not your Mama’s Lifestyle Blog. Here’s where you learn to live like you mean it.

This is about daring be imperfectly you in a world that says you should be cookie cutter. The Goddess Lifestyle is about living big and bold and coloring outside of the lines. Messy is more fun.

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And the day came   when a woman decides to love herself smaller


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People will always have opinions about who you should be. As long as the loudest voice is yours, you are on your way. Turn on your mental strobe lights and let the party begin.

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After all, if you can’t love yourself, you can’t really love anyone else.
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