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We’re suckers for love here on the Passionista Playbook blog– not surprising since we’re part of Love University coaching services, right? Last year when Drake Martinet proposed to his fellow tech writer girlfriend Stacy Green via the infographic below, they created a social media stir. Folks wanted to know, is the social media proposal a do or a don’t? One writer even went so far as the examine the numerical prowess of the infographic.

Here we are all about hearing your soul voice whisper with love. Yup, we’re spiritual cornballs with no irony or shame about it. It’s a miracle whenever forces align to make two people find each other on this big, goopy planet. We say, good for them! Was Drake risking big public rejection? Of course he was, but love is a risk that calls for us every time to jump in and attempt to love like we’ve never been hurt. Does your beloved deserve any less?

Once you’ve got the love flowing you want to keep it flowing so below we’ve got 4 ways to save money on your first anniversary without looking like a tightwad.

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How Drake Proposed to Stacy! The Soul Mates Infographic Wedding Proposal

How to Save Money on Your Anniversary

You love your life partner and you want to show that love in a big, lavish gift! Unfortunately, you simply do not have the money this year to shower your beloved with gifts and proof of your love and affection. That doesn’t mean you have to go completely sparse, though. If you know where to look, you can find great gift ideas and deals everywhere.

1. Flowers, again? Yes!

Flowers are always a good way to show someone you love them. Even a person who insists that he or she can’t stand flowers, the gift is always appreciated. You can pick your own, design your own bouquet at the local florist or you can take advantage of a few coupon codes to have small bouquets delivered throughout the day.

 2. Sale Time.

Put all of those repetitive deal emails to good use. Also consider the time of year. There’s always something good on sale, and you’re not being a cheapskate by taking advantage of this. If you are lucky enough to have an anniversary that falls during the holiday season, you can take advantage of Black Friday deals. This year looks like a fantastic year for this type of deal—especially if your beloved has expensive taste or has been coveting something that you would only be able to afford during a major sale like Black Friday.

There are other sales that you can use to your advantage too! Memorial Day, Labor Day, President’s Day—these are just a few of the days in which most retail outlets put together major sales and discounts. Shop early so that you can take advantage of these deals and get your beloved what he or she really wants.

3. DIY, baby. Make It Yourself.

Seriously! It’s easy to let the time and romance idle on the back burner when you’re married. The day to day of life get in the way and distract you from each other. For this anniversary why not devote an entire weekend to each other? You can cook your man’s meals, go for walks, indulge in favorite (but oft put off) hobbies and activities. The gift of time is always appreciated. You can carry this even further by promising more time throughout the year. Create a coupon book for things like “date night” that your spouse can redeem whenever he or she wants to do so.

4. Make it a Love Challenge.

Are you and your spouse competitive? Why not make a game out of your scant budget? See who can do the most on a budget limit like $20. This makes your anniversary fun to plan and you can both enjoy the efforts of the other while also enjoying the rush of competition. The winner can pick the leisure activities for the next month. Or maybe the loser can take on the winner’s household chores for a few weeks. You don’t want the loss to be a huge deal but you want the prize for winning to be fun.

These are just some of the things you can do to make it easier to celebrate your anniversary without spending a ton of money. What are some of the best and budget friendliest ways you’ve found to celebrate your spouse?

Featured photo: Bride at wedding, public domain. Consideration was received for the review and publishing of this featured article.

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