Have you been considering an Australian vacay? Before you head to the land down under, print this Aussie man-finding guide and take it with you. Now, we can’t promise that you’ll meet your very own Hugh Jackman, but odds are you can come close. Grab your passport, pack your stylish bags, pull up a chair and take note… -aa

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ttention all eligible bachelorettes!

If you’re tired of being unlucky in love in your quest for a man then now’s the time to make a change. For anyone looking to beat the great Australian man-drought (who knew?) here’s a comprehensive guide to the best and worst places for discovering romance Down Under. After all, this is a positive living passionista blog where we don’t believe in droughts!

The best places for meeting Aussie men!

1. The Sports Field.

 Of course, one of the simplest ways to meet single men is through a mutual friend. If you know people in Australia, let them know that you are on the market. Getting an introduction from someone you know, and trust, allows you to meet other eligible singles who are looking to find love. Also your buddies should, in theory at least, make a point of matching you with people who share your interests.

If you DON’T know anyone, Australia is a nation of sporting fans, and few countries can rival the Aussie bloke’s love of the game. The best place to find men who share your passion for sport and fitness is to meet them on the sports pitch.

If you’re looking to start dating in Melbourne you could book tickets to the next AFL home game. Alternatively, why not head down to your local park to join in with a game of six-aside soccer?

2. The Social Scene.

Top 10 bars in australia

If you prefer the traditional way of meeting eligible singles, there are bars across Australia that are perfect for mingling.

Stick to venues that encourage conversation and the opportunity to get to know people better.

The Different Drummer, Milk the Cow and The Ivy are all cocktail bars in Sydney with the right atmosphere for chatting and mingling.

3. Learning a new skill.

If you’ve entered a dating rut and are convinced the man-drought has reached its peak then it’s time to broaden your social circle.


Too often we hang out with the same crowds day-in and day-out, with no real opportunity for romantic sparks to fly.

Learning a new skill on vacation, like taking a cooking or language class, is the perfect way to meet people who share your interests.

Learn to cook Australian Bush Tucker?

4. Aussie Online Dating, Anyone?

This is one of our favorites!


If you’re tired of leaving matters up to chance, online dating is a great way to meet local, like-minded single men. 1 in 5 Australian relationships now begin on a relationship site. This success comes down to their highly effective and tailored search results.

If you’re interested in discovering people who share your core values and interests, simple go online to find more information today.

5. At the beach.

As a nation surrounded by picturesque coastlines, the beach has long been the go-to destination when the mercury rises.

Kings Beach, Australia


The key to making an impression on the beach is to act as natural and confident as possible. Why not strike up a conversation with a fellow sunbather or ask to join in with a friendly game of cricket?



The worst places for meeting men in Australia!

1. Sleazy Nightclubs.

Ugh. Intimate and funky bars are one thing, but discovering love at a nightclub is quite another. Areas like Sydney’s Kings Cross attract revelers in their thousands, but discovering compatible and sober singles isn’t always easy. Perhaps leave these venues for a fun girls night out instead.

2. Work.

In theory a work place romance might sound steamy, but in reality inter-office affairs are fraught with danger. Not only could a break-up lead to awkwardness with a colleague, you’re also likely to attract negative attention from management. If you’re in Australia on a business trip with cute colleagues, be careful. You don’t want to have a short term romance affect your long term income!

3. Public transport?

 In Hollywood a romantic chance encounter between two characters is known as a ‘meet-cute’ and public transport is always a great setting. In reality trains, however, trains, planes and buses when you don’t know where you’re going may offer very poor odds for meeting compatible people. Worst of all, there’s no guarantee that you’re in a safe environment. In addition, the people at a local singles event are most likely looking to meet other locals.

Here’s a caveat – keep your eyes open on public transportation. There are many gems (like you) among the rabble! 

4. Standard Singles Haunts.

Some nightclubs, social events and festivals market themselves exclusively as a ‘singles destination’. As a tourist, it’s easy to get trapped. If you’re looking for a casual romance you might be in luck, but for people searching for long-term, meaningful love it’s always best to steer clear of these locations.

Safe travels!

Photos, Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain.

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