Looking for a Delicious Juicing Regimen? Here’s the Urban Remedy via Coye LeRocke

Is juicing on your list of New Year’s Intentions? It’s on mine! Confession: I was juicing pretty heavily last summer and then my juicer broke and I fell off without replacing it. (Oy vey!) My family is very into juicing and so am I; I just have to get back on board.

Let’s see what our review bombshell Coye LeRocke has to say about Urban Remedy. (And what the Loch Ness monster has to do with it!)

Neka Pasquale created Urban Remedy with a simple philosophy: food is medicine — and she recently partnered with supermodel Cindy Crawford… -aa

Inspiring True Story! ‘From the Rough’! with Taraji P. Henson & Michael Clarke Duncan (Video)

“The key points of this movie are true, of how she bought this group of kids together from all over the world. Dr. [Catana] Starks was flexible to understand that we needed to kind of Hollywoodize her story so that we could make it attractive enough for people to want to buy a ticket and want to see this story. ” —Pierre Bagley via Wikipedia

To Be Goddess

Goddess Mode, Activate! New Meditation CD & Vegan Nail Polish from Violet Sanctuary Spa

Our super blogger Coye LeRocke takes on Violet Sanctuary. Violet Sanctuary is a holistic oasis owned by Tia Johnson, who we’re going to be hearing a lot from around here. Tia and I will be leading a series of healing and empowerment retreats together. The first will be a Sacred Business Empowerment Event for heart-centered entrepreneurs at the University of Pennsylvania in the fall. You can also join us for a book signing at Sisters Uptown Bookstore on September 21, 2014.

Spiritual entrepreneur and healer Tia Johnson is the author of “To Be Goddess: Every Woman is a Goddess – Discover Your Domain in Which You Reign Supreme.” Tia focuses on coaching and promoting inner and outer spiritual growth. Having excelled in business administration at LaSalle University, Tia’s mission is to help people live the live they’re meant to live.