It Gets Better: Message to Gay Teens About Bullying (VIDEO)

October 12, 2010 • Relationships • Views: 132

My buddy Nando Rodriguez, fab dating blogger, sent out a Call to Action, asking those who care for participation in the It Gets Better Anti-Bullying Campaign. We’ve all been aware of the increased attention lately on the bullying of gay teens and LGBT youth due a spate of suicides. One of the more high profile cases in our area was the 18 year old Rutgers musician Tyler Clementi who tragically jumped off of the George Washington Bridge after he was outed and livestreamed by his college roommate while kissing another man.

Last weekend I was on the subway and a group of teen boys were teasing each other by signaling out who might be gay. Even though I have been involved with the NOH8 Campaign for Marriage Equality and have spoken publicaly about gay youth and suicide with author-activist Terrance Dean I said nothing. I wanted to but I was afraid. They were a rowdy crew of young men and I was on the subway alone. I wish that I said something but I did did not. So I thank my dear friend Nando for the invitation to get involved. So often we feel like we need to be invited to be involved but there is truly no invitation needed to do the right thing.

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