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Adult education, love lessons and videos, oh my!

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The Welcomed Consensus is an educational website and personal empowerment movement. The site and related teachers with unique classes and videos encourages women to “rethink and re-imagine our love and relationships, your sensuality and female orgasm.” Women’s sensuality as women has been in the news quite a bit as people discuss “50 Shades of Grey,” whether a woman wanting birth control makes her a “slut” and the existence of the Goddess-Spot.

I interviewed the sensuality team at The Welcomed Consensus to see how this translates into a steamier love life and better intimacy for you. I love the idea of Adult Education. I teach classes online for sites like Passionate U and

Abiola: Great videos, particularly your new video, “A Guide to Your Orgasm.” Where does the name “Welcomed” come from?

Sheri: We formed the Welcomed Consensus in 1992. I remember the day clearly, sitting around the table deciding on our business name. We thought – we are researchers of orgasm and pleasurable living. We live what we teach, so we are ‘well c*mmed’ people. We believe in the power of agreement, in the ‘consensus’. We went for a pun because we also ‘welcome’ one and all to our teachings.

Abiola: Oh wow. Very thoughtful. The name is perfect. Why do you think that women’s  pleasure is still such a controversial topic?

Sheri: Why do I think that women’s pleasure is such a controversial topic? That is a good question and it’s a big question, a question that has many components to its answer. I feel the important thing is that it has become a current ‘topic’. It is significant that female o is being discussed in the media.

Abiola: Absolutely. And how did this “Welcomed” movement begin?

Sheri: The “Welcomed” movement, that’s fun. We started in 1989 as a group of friends who had common goals. We felt that life is meant to be celebrated, to be enjoyed, to be lived with enthusiasm and grace. We believe in friendship, telling the truth, and fun as an honorable goal in life. Collectively, we began to research friendship and orgasm.

Abiola: Brilliant. “Sensualist” is such a lovely term. I learned it from your site. I would consider myself to be a sensualist, meaning that I enjoy sensual pleasures from art to music. What does this mean to you?

Sheri: What being a sensualist means to us is employing your senses pleasurably to experience your universe. Sensuality is about giving pleasure to the body or mind through the senses.

Abiola: That being said, you have a product called “Friendship Through Female O.” What is that? Tell us more.

Sheri: Through researching orgasm we have discovered much about the nature of men and women, and the nature of orgasm. One discovery is that men and women want the same things, to live fun gratifying lives.

We believe friendship is the highest form of relationship that two people can have with each other. Sensuality is a subset of communication. In order to have or produce a superior orgasm, a lot of communicating has to happen.

This gives people the platform to be known, to really be known, and to know each other, to have fun, exciting, thought provoking conversations.

Deliberate Orgasm is a vehicle that builds great relationships, relationships that can continually grow and get better and better. That’s been our experience.

Abiola: I find your teaching videos to be bold, brazen and courageous. You are able to touch yourself on camera for teaching purposes when so many women feel too much shame to even touch their own bodies privately! I always tell women to begin with mirror exercises. What are your self-pleasure tips for newbies?

Sheri: We made our Female Masturbation DVDs for many reasons, one of them being if a woman could see another woman masturbating for her self pleasure and see that she feels right about it, then after watching the viewer could go into her own bedroom and discover what she likes and feel right about it.

Our female masturbation DVDs are focused on slowing down and enjoying your body. To feel right about the way we look, the way we feel and what we want. And we know all women want more o.

Abiola: The scientists go back and forth telling us about our own bodies. In your informed opinion, once and for all, does the Goddess-spot exist and can all women ejaculate?

Sheri: Ahhh, the infamous G-spot. Yes and no – on its existence. The area where it is claimed to be is way more fun than any scientist lets on or any book has described. We devoted an entire DVD to the many sensational spots inside a woman’s vagina.

The area where the G-spot is claimed to be is part of the clitoris. As you well know, Abiola, the clitoris is quite extensive. There is more to the clitoris than just the glans or head. I find the anatomy of the clitoris fascinating.

And yes, women can squirt and ejaculate if that’s something they want to achieve. We are more interested in educating women on the potential of their own orgasm which is huge and far more fun than squirting or ejaculating.

Abiola: That’s what I’ve been saying for years! When you got in touch I started to research you thinking of you as a “competition” for the slow OM’ing movement but we’re really all in this together. I love that you feature Nicole Daedone, ‘Slow Sex’ Creator, on your site. Community is obviously important to you, right?

Sheri: Community is important to us and the common goal to educate men and women to the unlimited potential of female orgasm is important. Nicole Daedone is a former student of ours who lived with us for 2 years. She took all of our courses and was engaged in our upper level training program where she discovered her own potential for orgasm. We are grateful that she is taking her training and is now educating others.

Abiola: That’s great. So you really are all family! What is Deliberate O? How is it different from Slow Sex?

Sheri: Deliberate Orgasm is by agreement, both people put their attention on one person’s body for the optimum amount of pleasure. Deliberate Orgasm is also called DOing – DOing a woman or DOing a man.

I would say the difference is Deliberate Orgasm is more than just a technique, it’s a body of information on living a pleasurable life.

And what I mean by ‘living a pleasurable life’ is creating a life that you are being pleasured by, being pleasured by your relationships be it your partner, your child, your friends, being pleasured by your day-to-day choices, being pleasured and gratified in your bedroom life. When a person is gratified, they make choices from their surplus and abundance. We give people the tools and the training to do so, to chart and steer their life towards fun and winning.

Abiola: You say on your comprehensive site, “give sex a chance.” What does that mean?

Sheri: Well, you train yourself to drive a car, to play golf, to play the guitar – isn’t it something that the area of life involving skills that people judge themselves most critically on, sex, that there are so few places where you can go train yourself for a full sensual/sexual relationship with another person. You’re just supposed to “know”.

Give sex a chance asks people to consider training.

Abiola: Yes! Here’s what a reader recently asked me, so I’ll put the question to you: What is the one-hour org? And why would someone want one?

Sheri: The ‘one hour orgasm’ is our Observation of Intense Coming course where we demonstrate a man producing a high level orgasm in a woman’s body for an hour by manually stimulating her clitoris. We do this one-hour Deliberate Orgasm demonstration to show people what is possible, to expand their minds of what orgasm is and what it can be. It demonstrates the potential of what a woman can feel and what a man can produce.

What women are capable of feeling and what men are capable of producing is quite extraordinary. What one person can do, another person can do. This course redefines orgasm.

Abiola: Sounds juicy. What can women find on your retreats and in your teleclasses?

Sheri: Women can hear straightforward winning viewpoints that will enhance all parts of their life. They will learn how to intensify and lengthen sensual experience, how to build gratifying relationships, and how to ask for and get what they want.

Abiola: Please let my readers know, what impact does this kind of education have on people’s life in general? For you, is this extracurricular or central to one’s happiness?

Sheri: Definitely central to one’s happiness. We are all sexual beings. Women who are having all the orgasm they want are happy women. And a man who knows how to get a woman off, to truly gratify her anytime and every time is a happy man.

Abiola: Who should buy this new video?

Sheri: Anyone who is interested in viewing a woman embracing her sensuality. Anyone who would like to see a sensualist demonstrate and describe how she produces orgasm in her body. Anyone who wants to learn more about the DOing technique. This DVD was created for both men and women.


Wonderful! Thank you, Sheri. Okay my rockstar readers, you can find any of the educational products mentioned here at Welcomed Consensus.

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