Pregnancy-Safe Workout! 5 Princess-Approved Exercises to Stay Passionately Fit While Expecting

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Guide to different exercises which are safe during pregnancy for fitness. UK Princess Kate Middleton would almost definitely probably approve! -aa

Now is a time in your life when you’re most motivated to look after your body. You’re growing your baby, and now more than ever, you need to look after yourself.

Here are five great exercises you can do during pregnancy.


Great exercise for your whole body and has an added benefit of keeping you cool too. Swimming particularly helps arms and legs to stay toned, but is great for women who have aches and pains while pregnant or SPD; a common pregnancy ailment.

Swimming supports your body and bump, so you are more free from extra strains that just laying or sitting. Most women comment on how light they feel too, a welcome break from the previous months!

Prenatal yoga

Claiming not only to make you more flexible and keep you fit, it also is said by many mums to help with the labor too. Make sure you either let the instructor know you’re pregnant or go to a class specifically designed for pregnancy.


This is a no-brainer. Walking more will increase your stamina, and keep you flexible. It is a good exercise for any point in your pregnancy, and most women use it to bring on labor at the due date.

It is also a great way to spend time with your partner before the baby comes and to check out some potential buggy routes for after the baby is born. Also useful to see which walks aren’t pushchair friendly!

Pelvic floor

This exercise is not just for after the baby comes! Doing your pelvic floor exercises daily while pregnant makes for an easier pregnancy and a quicker recovery. Practice them by tightening and releasing for a second, making sure you’re not using your bottom or stomach. Repeat 10 times.

Then try imagining a lift and go up on floor at a time for this exercise. Hold on the 10 floor for 10 seconds and go back down. Try to remember to do the exercises two to three times a day, they’ll get easier the more often you do them!

Small weights

Strengthen and tighten your arms and prepare for carrying that baby! Use small weights while sat down. Ensure that you don’t use weights that are too big. Don’t do any exercises that mean you can feel a pull on your stomach. Remember that your muscles are more prone to pulling during pregnancy because of the hormones produced to stretch your stomach, so take it slow and build up gradually.


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