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Weddings can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! Here are six tips to saving money on your food bill at your wedding. Thanks to The Knot for the great wedding trend idea about food trucks.

Your wedding is the one magical night of your life when everything should be perfect and you shouldn’t have to be worrying about a single thing. With all of the time and effort that goes into planning a wedding, you should be able to forget the stress of making sure everything’s in place and enjoy the night you’ve been planning for your entire life. While keeping to your budget is one of the biggest stressors in wedding planning, here are six tips on how to save on the food bill at your wedding.

Time is on your side.

Depending on the time you have your wedding reception, you could save big on the food that’s served. By having a morning or afternoon wedding, you have the option to stick to appetizers and a light meal as opposed to a seated meal for all of your guests. Appetizers can include fresh fruit, gourmet cheeses and crackers, different stations, local vegetables or even deli platters, depending on how fancy your wedding is. If you are having a morning wedding, you can even opt to serve your guests brunch which is another great option when trying to save money on food costs.

Potluck wedding.

We do potlucks for family gatherings when we want to save money on food costs, why not do it at your wedding? Some may think this wedding idea is tacky, but if it saves you a ton of money, it might be something to consider. If you know your family has some impressive recipes and you’d love to share them with your other guests, a potluck wedding might be for you!

Rent a food truck.

Food trucks are all the rage in major cities today and they’re even making their way towards smaller cities. Food trucks come in all different varieties, including your typical fast food truck serving burgers and fries to gourmet trucks that can handle all the catering of a regular hospitality company. Food truck catering in relatively inexpensive, and adds a little originality and flair to your wedding that’ll keep guests talking about it long after the reception ends!

Bake it yourself.

The wedding cake can be one of the most daunting parts of wedding planning. Not only do you have the task of going around to local bakeries tasting all the different cakes while still being on a crash diet to fit into your wedding dress, but you also know that you’re buying a cake that will barely be eaten by guests. Instead of the traditional wedding cake, perhaps you should try offering guests cupcakes, wedding cookies or a candy bar. If you’re a wannabe baker, you could even attempt to make the cake yourself, that is if you have the time.

Chandler + Josh's WeddingSkip the cocktails.

Having a full, top shelf open bar at your wedding can dramatically increase the price per head on your total food bill. Rather than paying the enormous sum for everyone to have the opportunity to drink cosmos all night, limit your guests to just beer and wine. This way, you can save a great deal of money and still offer your guests a variety of drink options.

Get a little help from your friends.

Use your resources and think about any friends or family members who have culinary skills. Talk to them about whether they’d feel up to catering your wedding as their wedding gift, or a partial wedding gift (depending on the size of the wedding). It’s possible that they’d be honored and it could be an opportunity for them to show off their own skills.

Your wedding doesn’t have to put you into debt for the next 10 years. Be smart and logical when making decisions about all of the different elements that go into planning a wedding, especially when it comes to the food. If you’re resourceful and you follow any of the tips listed above, you’ll have the potential of saving big while still having the best, most memorable day or night of your life.


Jackie Ryan is a freelance writer who specializes in wedding planning. She’s learned that when caterers don’t show up with the appropriate food service equipment, it can drastically affect how the food turns out on-site at the wedding. This is why she has come up with a slew of different eating ideas for brides and grooms to choose for their wedding day!

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