Diva DIY Project! Make a Basic Wine Rack; Channel Your Inner Martha Stewart

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Who doesn’t love a fab bottle of wine? An informative piece on how to build a basic wine rack to store all of those bottles that didn’t get drunk over Christmas. It’s a little more difficult than buying one from the store, but it’s a lot more fun! Thanks Kit Stone for the great DIY post. We’ve been getting requests for more “Do It Yourself” here on the blog. If you want more of a blueprint for your project, find one for a Pottery Barn-style rack at Anna White Homemaker. -aa

When you entertain it is good form for your guests to bring something to drink with them. If you invite enough people over to your place over this period you could end it with a lot of excess wine, making this the perfect time to build a place in which you can store them all.

Of course you could go and buy an awesome wine rack from the store, but where is the fun in that? It’s time to dust off those tools you got for Christmas ten years and finally put them to some good use. Cheers!

What kind of wine rack do you want to make?

  • The first thing you are going to have do is decide exactly what material you want to make your wine rack from.
  • Traditional wine racks are usually made from wood but you may want to push out the boat and make something from some special plastic, glass, or aluminium.
  • For these purposes we’ll be focusing on wood, so decide what kind you want; oak, maple, walnut, or another hardwood are the best options.

Before you start cutting your wood you are going to have decide on where your wine rack is going to go. Is this going to sit on top of a work surface, or will it be something grander that is more like a new piece of kitchen furniture? Once you’ve made your mind up on that, it’s time to start cutting.

What’s the best way to begin construction?


So first you need to cut the end pieces and create the rails. Cut two boards about six inches long and twenty inches wide. These are the pieces that are going to become the 4 rails of your structure, where the bottles will rest in a horizontal position.

Once you’ve done that you will need to cut two more pieces that are 9 inches wide and 11 inches long. These are going to be your end pieces and will hold the rails in place.

Now it can get complicated, but you can do it!

This is where things start to get a little bit tricky as you now need to draw circles on the two largest boards.

Draw four circles that are around 4 inches in diameter and which are at least half an inch apart. Now you need to get a saw that will allow you to make a clean cut on those circles, and don’t forget to sand the edges!

Another method is to make diamond shapes rather than circular ones at this point. This can give the final design a little bit more sophistication.

New wine rack-now I need the wine

Now what?

Once you’ve made all of your cuts successfully all you need to do is assemble the wine rack. It is in fact a lot simpler than you might have thought and as long as your cuts have been correct you should have no problems at this point.

For those who struggle to follow written descriptions there’s a video below that will show you exactly how to do this in a more simple and visual method!

Going through this process might be a bit more of a struggle than buying a ready-made wine rack from a home goods store on the high end or the supermarket on the low end but when completed it is something that you will be able to feel proud of and which will make those lovely bottles of red taste all the sweeter!

Guest Post by KitStone – Painted Wood furniture.

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