‘Oh, Him Again?’ How To Impress Your Significant Other’s Friends for Harmony at Home

How To Win Over Your Significant Other's Friends

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You love your boo, but what about his friends? Thanks to We Love Dates for the great dating advice post. We would add that rather than trying to impress anyone, it’s always just best to be yourself and be positive. We’re all human beings who want the same thing: to be loved, acknowledged and appreciated. If you’re really a good person in your life, your love’s buddies will see that and then you don’t have to try to “impress” anyone! -aa

One of the most underrated things about relationships is that you get to meet some cool people when you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend’s friends.

The art of being a “cool boyfriend or girlfriend” in the eyes of your significant other’s friends is important. It’s a great sign of a healthy relationship when people who are in serious, long-term relationships manage to maintain their friendships, and even enhance them by bringing their significant other into the mix.

Here are tips on how to get your significant other’s friends to love you!

1. Don’t be controlling or naggy about their time together.

I have several guy friends whose girlfriends get crazy when they go out with the boys. They call, text, nag and whine about when they’re coming home. Now, if your significant other is regularly going out and coming home at all hours of the night, neglecting the relationship, than yes, you need to address it. But if it’s a once-in-awhile thing, or a regular tradition, let them GO and enjoy themselves. One of my favorite things about my boyfriend is his total support of my friendships. He not only tolerates but encourages girls nights. It’s made our relationship better, and my friends love him for it, too.

2. Don’t overdo the PDA and clingy-ness.

If you’re out to dinner together, tone down the PDA. Holding hands and an occasional kiss is great. Ignoring everyone else for your own private make out session, speaking only to one another and generally clinging to one another is not okay. You’re there to talk to their friends and to be social. Save your one-on-one conversation for your date nights.

3. Save the drama for later.

It’s easy to get your feelings hurt or to let an errant comment slip when you’re trying to be funny with your friends. Still, refrain from commenting on it until later. If you’re angry, try taking some space, going home or talking to someone else. Don’t yell at your boyfriend or girlfriend, pout, sulk or cause a scene. No one likes that, and you make it awkward.

4. Be inclusive and kind. It’s the Golden Rule, right?

Let your boyfriend invite the guys over to play cards or watch the game. If your girlfriend’s friends come from out of town, join them for dinner. Ask them genuine questions and listen to the responses. One of my boyfriend’s best friends regularly sends me articles on Facebook that relate to my job and my interests. It takes very little time, but it let’s me know that he appreciates me and my role in my boyfriend’s life.

Remember: your significant other’s friends are a huge part of their life. Instead of resenting them or competing with them, try to encourage the relationship and make them your friends, too. It goes a long way in your relationship, and who knows, you might find that they’re pretty cool people, too.

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