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Helping Your Friend In Her Wedding

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Calling all maids of honor, matrons of honor, bridesmaids and BFFs! This post will tell you how to help your friend in getting married, and how to share their responsibilities so that they feel supported. After all, every bride has a little Bridezilla in her. Who can blame her? Weddings are big work, right? There’s always Vegas and the justice of the Peace, though! 

When someone you know is getting married it should be a highly exciting time for not only them, but also everyone close to them. Not only will you get to go to a wedding where you’ll be able to party and celebrate with the bride and groom as well as your mutual friends and family, but you’ll also get to enjoy a hen party or stag do, and all the exciting preparation that comes in the build up to the wedding.

Of course you’ll also probably just be basking in the glow of their happiness and feeling very sentimental about the whole thing too, and all this good will (as well as their potential stress) will probably leave you wanting to help out and ensure things go as smoothly as possible.

1. Her Day, Her Way…


Of course it’s their big day, and it’s up to them to organize matters and to dictate how everything pans out – but that doesn’t mean you can’t do things to help and that they won’t be appreciative if you do. Here we will look at some of the best ways you can help a friend on their big day.

2. Do Whatever You Can to Be There!


If someone invites you to a party that’s a little inconvenient to get to then you might consider passing them up. With weddings though, only the very biggest things should be considered as excuses and you should bend over backwards as much as possible to ensure you can go and support them.

3. RSVP Quickly.


And once you’ve decided you’re going to go? Let them know ASAP. There’s nothing worse for a bride and groom than not knowing how many people are coming to the wedding, so don’t be the one they’re waiting on.

4. Be Easy Going.


This is HER big day, and anything they say goes. If you haven’t been chosen as a bride’s maid or usher, or if you haven’t been elected to ride in the limo, then don’t make a fuss – just go with it. Be the best friend you can be by letting them call the shots and not making things about you.

5. DO Volunteer.


While the bride and groom will want to handle much of the day themselves, and while they’ll have people like best men to delegate too, there is no harm in just volunteering to help out where you can and offering to hire the limousine or organize flowers.

6. Offer Your Best Skills.


Meanwhile if you have any useful skills that could save the happy couple money then you should definitely make them known. If you can make dresses, then make it known, and if you’re handy with a camera then offer to do the wedding photography. If you have a huge house then you could even offer to let the newlyweds use your garden for their reception.

7. If You Can, Buy Nice Gifts.


Unless you’re family, it’s not common to offer to help with the wedding financially. One way you can help this way though is to bring a nice gift and to pick something much-needed from their wedding registry list — which will save them from having to buy it later.

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