Self-Care Alert! Costa Rica Yoga Retreat + Goddess Body Yoga Booty Workout (Video)

The Power Of Time Away – Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

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We all need time out to relax and rejuvenate once in a while. This post looks at the power of a yoga retreat for mental healing. The superb infographic breaks down all of the questions you may have about getting started in yoga but are too embarrassed to ask. While you’re contemplating Costa Rica, please remember to check out my most recent Mommy Noire love classes: “Who’s the Man in Your Relationship?” and “Loving with a Victim Mentality.”

“Yoga Booty” workout courtesy of Cherae Mabry’s Herban TV and the video after the jump and the tips featured are both from Anamaya Resort Yoga Retreat. -aa

Costa Rica is a growing tourism powerhouse for wellness.

Each year, thousands more people discover what the country has to offer. A yoga retreat in Costa Rica is the perfect way to take away the stresses of modern 21st century life. But Costa Rica yoga has its own unique quirks. Its natural beauty and wonder makes this a location where you can get in shape and remove those mental stresses.

Here are a few reasons why a stay in an ecolodge can recharge and replenish your batteries.

The Yoga Noiseless Wonder.

 Yoga requires relative silence. Any yoga instructor will tell you to extract your body from this world and enter a sanctuary. Costa Rica offers its own natural sanctuary. Many of the long sandy beaches have been left untouched. It’s common to see yoga classes taking place directly on the beach or in a small pavilion next to the beach.

It leaves you with natural sounds and silence to concentrate on aligning your soul and letting the stress and tension flow out of you.

 The Yoga Background.

 To perform yoga at home, you usually have to put on a tape and make your own private world. In this country, the spectacular beauty of the landscape provides this for you. In fact, many of the yoga tapes on sale today were made here.

There are lush jungles where native plants sway in the breeze, sunny isolated beaches, and private Costa Rica eco lodges where special treatments rooms have been set up on marble floors.

Yoga for Beginners 101! What You Need to Know (But are scared to ask)

 Yoga Weather.

 Central America in general is a place where it’s hot and sunny. It lets you be free and enjoy the hot weather. These eco villages have been set up to make the most of the sun. They often use solar panels to generate electricity. Even during the rainy season, it’s an enjoyable experience to just listen to the pattering rains on the thatched roofs. It’s also perfect yoga weather as the rain allows you to clear your mind.

 Live Yoga!

 Yoga isn’t just something you do for an hour a day. It’s a lifestyle. A visit to Costa Rica can let you live that lifestyle in its entirety. The growth in popularity of the Costa Rica yoga retreat hasn’t happened by accident. It’s because it transforms an entire lifestyle by using what it has around it.

Firstly, you’re cut off from civilization. Most retreats are off the grid and a few hours away from the nearest town or city. Even if you want to sneakily catch up on that report, you can’t!

Next, they specialize in delightful organic food. Every meal uses organic ingredients from the local area cooked to make Central American specialties. The food isn’t filled with sugars and processed ingredients, so it relaxes you naturally.

They use specialist treatment rooms and massages to add to the yoga experience. By dedicating your time to the practice of yoga, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t feel relaxed and ready to dive back into the real world when you leave again.

Geoff McCabe always ensures his yoga guests leave his Costa Rica Yoga Retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to face the real world once more.

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