How To Be The Woman You Want To Be! (Watch Free Now)

Bombshell 101: How to Live Your Juiciest Life in Love, Family, Career & Wellness!


Welcome to Abiola’s Bombshell Academy, Rockstar. 30 Videos. 30 Days. Free.

This 30-day lifeclass is about how to B.Y.O.B. – Be Your Own Bombshell. I have redefined “bombshell” to mean a woman who owns herself. Yes, we love and respect the traditional bombshells like Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe and Sofia Vergara but this is about YOU not THEM. Lessons range from love and healthy relationships to living courageously and affirming your gorgeous life.

Begin with Day 1, “No One Can Make You Feel Inferior” and progress to Day 30, “Have A Vision for Your Life. This series was inspired by the questions you send me here on The Passionista Playbook and The Goddess Factory Motivational Podcast that I hosted on iTunes way back in ’05.

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Ready? Set… Bombshell!

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