Advice Columnist Chat! A Convo about Love and Self-Esteem on ‘Essence Live’ (Video)

I’m an advice columnist for My “Dear Abiola” column dissects your relationship dilemmas every Tuesday. Last week I made a live appearance on the fun, new, high-energy talk show, “Essence Live.” I answered a few of your advice questions about self-confidence, feeling worthy of love, and valuing who you are in mind, body, and spirit.

Love School for Nerds Podcast: Episode 40! ‘Dear Abiola & Jay, Will My Heart Ever Mend?’ (Audio)

This week on Love School for Nerds, we discuss a letter from a woman who has been cheated on by her husband. She wants to make it work but the mother of the child that was made from the affair isn’t making it simple. She wants to know whether she will ever get over this and can they truly move past this level of betrayal.


Pink Wisdom! What You Need to Know About Your Relationships and Self-Worth

Alison Chase is creator of the site She is also the author of “Dear John…, which she co-authored with John Leuba. She interviewed me for her exciting new venture Pink Wisdom about your relationships and self-worth. The featured photo is a throwback shoot I did a few years ago with the super gifted JC Photos.…