Abiola Abrams

Sacred Meditation Break! Meditation for Receiving & Allowing Good Things (Audio)

You are WORTHY of All Good Things. Claim it.

Ask. Believe. Receive.
Sacred Meditation for Receiving…

In case you missed it, yesterday I sent info about registration being open for theBecome the Guru Bootcamp. If you need help getting your sacred business together so that you can speak, write, and coach, teach, or consult and create products, take a look. Yay!

The free 4-video Spiritpreneur Success Strategy training I created to celebrate the course is also still up! 

How to Love Yourself! 63 Inspirational Sacred Bombshell Self-Love Quotes

How do you love yourself? This is not a trivial question. I am sharing some of my own self-love quotes as a gift just for you. (Yeah, I said it!) How to love yourself is the answer to how you love your life. I wrote “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love” to be a primer and textbook for us as women to learn to love ourselves more. Ready? Let’s get all up into it…