What is Self-Inquiry? Abiola’s Gospel of Greatness for Your Best Year Ever (Questions)

There are some of us who live too much in our heads. I am definitely guilty of that, at times. However, I believe that most people are not introspective enough. If more people took the time to examine themselves and chart a course for their lives, the world would be a juicier place. There is no knowledge like self-knowledge. First, know thyself. After all, how can you love someone you don’t know? How can you know anyone else if you don’t love yourself?

So ask yourself, who am I? Hint: I am not this body…


Goddess Cards

African Goddess Affirmation Cards! What Are They? Here’s How to Use Them (Video)

Inspirational Positive Affirmation Cards…

These feminine power archetype cards feature self-love lessons and positive affirmations from Love-Body-Spirit™ Coach Abiola Abrams, author of “The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love.” If you enjoy personal development, self-help books, affirmation cards or tarot cards, then these are for you. Use for intuitive guidance, daily empowerment goals, oracle readings, divination discovery or self-coaching.

“I am enough.”
“I am worth loving.”
“Life loves me.”