Sheena LaShay

#ProjectBodyLove Day 19 of 30! Sexual Abuse and Your Body: Empowerment Video with Sheena LaShay

“Recovery from sexual assault is a complicated and controversial concept. Some people believe that with counseling and time you can recover completely from a sexual assault. Others maintain that some aspect of a sexual assault will be with the victim of the assault forever.

Some argue that recovery is the wrong term because it is associated with illness or disease and that the effects of a sexual assault should not be viewed in such a light. No matter what your perspective on this debate may be, the information provided below may help you think about different aspects of the process following a sexual assault.” – from RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

Spiritual Gangster Zuyapa Jackson

‘Beauty Is Part of Divinity!’ What is a Spiritual Facelift? Energy Healer Zuyapa Jackson

From ‘The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love': The Secret of Nizhoni: Beauty as a Spiritual Practice: The Sacred Feminine Law of Nizhoni…

The Sacred Bombshell embraces beauty as a spiritual practice. She knows that at any moment she can make the decision to be beautiful or to enjoy beauty. This is sacred Nizhoni. The bombshell need only rise to her true magnificence and step into her greatness. All beautifulness or ugliness she sees in her world shines forth from her. The beauty she admires in others is her own divine light being reflected.

Energy: (definition) The capacity or power to do work, such as the capacity to move an object by the application of force. Energy can exist in a variety of forms, such as spiritual, electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear, and can be transformed from one form to another…

Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Heart-Based Business Owners! Our Biggest Business “Mistakes” (Video)

Spiritual Entrepreneurs & Heart-Based Business Owners! Our 10+ Biggest Business “Mistakes” (Video)

Another great conversation with Coach Tia Johnson. This video webinar was even better than the first. If you missed part 1 of this two part series, find it here

This lesson is about the mistakes and missteps we made when starting out as business owners.

Here’s the official deal: “Life Coaches Abiola Abrams and Tia Johnson are leading a Sacred Business Breakthrough Bootcamp for heart-centered at the University of Pennsylvania bookstore on Sunday, November 2 in Philadelphia from 2-5pm. Abiola’s coaching focus is Self-Worth and Tia’s coaching focus is spiritual empowerment. Come to find out what your business might be missing.