“Nothing is Dreadful on Me!” Natural Hair Beauty Expert Adana Collins on ‘Dreadlocks’ & her Business of Self-Love

I interviewed Natural Hair Beauty Expert and Mommy Entrepreneur Adana Collins about balancing business and motherhood for Mommy Noire. It was such a great conversation that we kept talking. Adana is also a jewelry designer, licensed face painter, and all around artist.

Here’s the overflow of that amazing convo with the gorgeous Guyanese woman including her business advice. She also shares more of her ideas about self-love and self-esteem. See what she has to say about the word “dreadlocks”…


Vision Board Photo Gallery! Our Sacred Spiritpreneur Visionary Boards on Fleek! (Photos + PDF + Video)

Whoo hoo!

Want to know my vision board secrets? I make visionary boards instead of vision boards. This is all about the art of co-creating and allowing the joy in your life to flow. By the way, all images retain the copyrights of their owners.

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#ProjectBodyLove Day 19 of 30! Sexual Abuse and Your Body: Empowerment Video with Sheena LaShay

“Recovery from sexual assault is a complicated and controversial concept. Some people believe that with counseling and time you can recover completely from a sexual assault. Others maintain that some aspect of a sexual assault will be with the victim of the assault forever.

Some argue that recovery is the wrong term because it is associated with illness or disease and that the effects of a sexual assault should not be viewed in such a light. No matter what your perspective on this debate may be, the information provided below may help you think about different aspects of the process following a sexual assault.” – from RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network

How to Love Your Bombshell Body – and Your Sacred Self – More! (Project Body Love Video Series)

Stop asking for permission to lead the life you want to lead. Healing and Empowering Video Workshop… Meanwhile — free empowering countdown course. Watch!

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