Spiritpreneur School 8! DailyOm Meets The Sacred Bombshell with Madisyn Taylor (Audio)

“Prepare for the arrival of your dream on every possible level—material, physical, and spiritual.

You don’t have to know how it will come into your life, just trust that it will.

Your job is to lay the groundwork, follow any leads you can find, and prepare for its arrival.

This can mean cleaning out your garage to make space for a new car, taking a tour of a model home to get the feel of it in order to feed your fantasies, or thinking of what you want in a mate and then living up to that list yourself…” -Madisyn Taylor, DailyOm

Spiritpreneur School Session 7! How to be a Successful Writer with Bestselling Author Rachel Kramer Bussel (Video)

Let’s talk about how to be a successful writer with a woman who knows. She’s gone from her cupcake blog to being on the Martha Stewart Show, dropping out of law school to being the editor of over 50 books! This is going to be good.

Let’s find out all “50 Shades” of Rachel’s spicy work and how she does it! (And whether she hates that “50 Shades” reference…)

Spiritpreneur School #6! Dr. Phoenyx Austin, MD, Author of Love Your Hair (Video)

Doctor Phoenyx Austin, M.D. is a fitness specialist and bestselling author of the books, “That’s Why We Get Fat” and “If You Love It, It Will Grow.” The wellness guru earned her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Florida and her Doctorate of Medicine (M.D.) from Meharry Medical College. Dr. Phoenyx has been featured in major publications and TV networks from ABC to FOX. Her latest book is “Love Your Hair,” a beautiful and inspiring empowerment book for children.

How Bex Burton Created a Successful Wellness Business from Hooping!

Spiritpreneur School Session 5! How Bex Burton Created a Successful Wellness Business from Hooping

I absolutely loved this bombshell business conversation that I had with my new soul sister, Bex Burton. Bex rocks! Not only is she a pilates guru and love advice maven, but she created a wellness business from hula hooping. We discuss everything from marketing and money to hooping as a healing modality, mental health, anxiety and depression. Bex is a serious sacred bombshell and a goddess, for sure…