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Fire of the Goddess! A Ceremony of Self Marriage in India (Video + Sacred Bombshell Excerpt)

Katalin Koda created her self-marriage in a simple but powerful ceremony in a Yogini-Dakini temple in East India. According to Katalin, “Happiness is state that is found within. And it starts by honoring and nurturing ourselves, our own unique gifts, and cultivating self-care. We must first fill our own cup of love, devotion, compassion and support so that they may naturally overflow onto others. When we try to give these things when we have not fully given them to ourselves first, we become depleted and can no longer be of service to anyone.

Can I marry myself if I am already married to someone else? Of course! This is probably the most important reason to marry yourself.” Watch Fire of the Goddess: A Ceremony of Self-Marriage to experience one way to honor oneself.

I AM Shapes Your Reality

Project Body Love Day 30 of 30! Never Give Up On YOU + How to Join Me in NYC for a Winter Solstice Love-Sexy Boot Camp (Video)

It is the thirtieth day of thirty days of body love!

What is your, ‘I Am’ affirmation this week, Sacred Bombshell?

Here are a few to start with: I Am Worthy, I Am Beautiful. I Am Winning, I Am Enough!

YES. I see you. Affirm your life!

Whether you are a girl boss, boss babe, sacred business bombshell or leaning in, you “got” this.

Let’s take care of your inner life so that you can rock your outer life…