Black Model in Culo
Photo: Rafael Mazzucco

Sean Diddy Combs’ New “Culo by Raphael Mazzucco” Coffee Table Photo Book…

Passionista Principle: They say that the purpose of “Culo” is to celebrate the female form. If that were true we’d see different body types and maybe even some gorgeous women with scars and stretch marks. That’s the real female form.

Hola Rockstars,

Apparently there’s a new art book out named “Culo by Mazzucco” which is slang for booty, buttocks, bums, butts or ass in Italian or Spanish. The book was conceived of by Jimmy Iovine of Interscope. He says that Will.I.Am asked him for a million dollars for a music video and came back from Brazil with tons of bootylicious footage. The New York Times reports that Iovine decided that the footage wasn’t really for a music video but would make a great book.

Candaian photog Raphael Mazzucco signed up with Sean “Diddy” Combs as editor. Yup, Puffy is on board. Insert your own Jennifer Lopez joke.

I looked through many of the 248 pages of images of the coffee table book and they pretty much looked like exactly what you imagine. No surprises at all. Isn’t art supposed to look at a theme or subject in a new way? It was like an upgraded Sir Mix-a-lot shoot. The production values were incredible, the shoots were elegant and the women were beautiful but the airbrushing was super heavy. Photo-shopping alone must have taken months. We lvoe models but let’s celebrate what women look like in the flesh. The models don’t even look like those images.

Celeb butts featured include: Lady Gaga, who does look super hot, George Clooney’s current GF Stacy Keibler, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and surprisingly, Sarah McLachlan. I couldn’t even be offended or cry exploitation because the whole thang was just so boring. Mazzucco worked on the project for two years and traveled around the world but everyone somehow looks pretty much the same. The pretty afroed girl in the shot above is one of the few brown skinned women I saw in the preview shots I was given.

Now if a male version comes out I would love to see Idris Elba, David Justice, Tyson Beckford, Hugh Jackman and Kroy Biermann of Kim Zolciak fame.

The list price for the “Culo” coffee table book is $65.00, but on Amazon the price is currently slashed to $40.00.

YouTube Comment on the “Culo” Promo Video (Below)

“That book is a fap killer. All I see is flat-assed skinny models, so the title features exactly what the content lacks. This book should be called “Espaldas Largas” (“Long Backs”).” ~Zelusetradix

 Publisher’s Description:

Culo is an art, fashion, and pop-culture movement that defies all national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. No matter if you were raised to call it derriere, tush, rear end, or booty,culo is the new epicenter of female sexuality, desire, and empowerment.

Over the past decade, some of the world’s most celebrated women have subtly shifted our long-held ideals of physical perfection toward a shape that is more authentic and bold. While culo has long been venerated in certain cultures, it is now becoming the object of worldwide mainstream admiration. This emerging global love affair with culo is as much about the blending of African, Latin, European, and Asian beauty as it is about celebrating the female form’s most coveted asset.

Culo by Mazzucco pays tribute to this phenomenon through a singular artistic vision. In more than 200 photographs and artworks created on location around the world, a diverse group of women—some already legendary, some about to become so—embody the spirit of culo and the start of a new era of beauty.”

Ay Dios Mio!


**No word on whether Kim Kardashian was invited to participate. They should see the bodacious bootys in my family. Simply gorgeous. Our world was never flat!

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P.S. All photos in this post were taken by fab photog Mazzucco.

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