Unique First Date Ideas for New Yorkers: Fun & Romantic
First dates can either be heaven or hell depending on who you’re with and the circumstances, trust mama! 
Here are 5 unique NYC first date activities. Check them out! Then once you know what to where you’re going you can get yourself together- look good, smell good and have fun. 
The fact that you’ve come up with a unique first date idea will show that you are creative and adventurous. Now the rest is up to you..
1. The Transit Museum – Date Night With History
  • Going to the movies is not a great first date idea because you don’t get a chance to talk and know each other. The Transit Museum in Brooklyn gives you a chance to hang out in a fun setting and really get to see what someone is made of. Activity dates tell you a great deal about a person – can they let go and have fun, what do they value, are they open to new ideas…
2. Ghenet Restaurant – Ethiopian Date Night in Brooklyn
  • Ghenet Restaurant is one of the best places to get Ethiopian food in Brooklyn. It’s a sweet, romantic and intimate location. The fact that you have to eat with your hands at Ghenet makes it a sensual and tactile experience. Whether you lick your fingers or your date’s is up to you although that may be utterly unfab and a bit much for a first date.

3. Red Rooster Restaurant – First Date In Harlem
  • Red Rooster is Marcus Samuelsson’s new Harlem hot spot. If you’re looking to impress someone this is where you want to bring them. Hold on, though, don’t rush right over. You need to make a reservation first.

4. Brooklyn Bowl – Date Night With Music
  • Brooklyn Bowl is not your daddy’s bowling alley. Brooklyn Bowl is a rocking musical oasis that you have to experience. Warning: Only go here for a first date if you both have interest in the same music. You can groove to each other’s musical tastes on the second date. You don’t want to get off on the wrong musical foot before seeing if you’re compatible in other ways first.
5. Museum of Natural History – Museum First Date
  • My favorite school class trips growing up included this museum. You can celebrate Kwanzaa this year at The Museum of Natural History. It’s a cool experience to hare a cultural event with someone whether it’s your culture or not. You can learn a lot about somebody this way.
BONUS: I was headed to a first date recently at a wine tasting and had a wardrobe malfunction. No other stores were open so I discovered Beacon’s Closet vintage shopping in New York City.
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