Everyone from Bravo’s “Real Housewives” to Urban Dictionary to the New York Times is talking about the sport of luxury camping known as “glamping.” I haven’t been camping since going to Camp Greenkill in the 5th grade. Even after seeing Oprah and Gayle’s failed trip to Yellowstone, I think I might kinda sorta still be open to it. Why not? We should be down to try almost anything once, right? If you’d like to try this, the site Glamping Girl has fun locations to explore. Featured photo from Glamping.com. -aa

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]amping In Style.


It’s all very well deciding to go camping for your spring or summer holidays but the problem for most of us girls is knowing what to wear! Nobody wants to freeze their butt off but let’s be honest most outdoor clothing isn’t exactly stylish. With this in mind we’ve put together a list of things which will make your camping trip just that bit more stylish and luxurious.

First Things First.

Before we get on to clothes let’s take a look at a few essential camping items you’ll be glad you took with you.

  • Bottle opener and can opener – it’s all very well being prepared to eat baked beans for a weekend but without your trusty can opener you’re going to be feeling pretty dumb… as for the bottle opener – do we really need to say more? Don’t forget a corkscrew for wine.
  • Pillow – this is something that might raise a few eyebrows but a comfortable pillow can really make the difference between a good night’s sleep and an in-tent argument with your lover!
  • Toilet paper – we’re not going to explain this – just use your imagination…
  • Toothbrush and paste – again – we don’t need to explain this do we?
  • A masculine man, if that’s what you’re into – For alpha male aficionados  musicians and creative types are totally sexy, but if you’re going camping you’ll want to take an outdoorsy type with you so he can put up the tent and protect you from bears!

Essential Clothing Items.

  • Ladies fleece – if you want to stay warm whilst you’re looking good a fleece jacket is a real must, nowadays they’re available in a wide range of styles and colors so you don’t have to look like you’re stuck in the 80s.
  • Women’s walking trousers – again keeping warm on a camping trip is something every UK camper has to worry about, try getting a pair made from Gore-Tex as these should stop you from getting too sweaty whilst keeping the English rain at bay.
  • Gore-Tex jacket – the chances are, if you’re camping in Seattle or even in France you’re likely to see at least a little bit of rain, our best recommendation here is a Gore-Tex jacket as it will keep you dry without letting you overheat inside.
  • Cotton undies – yes we know it might sound like a no-brainer, but it can get pretty humid in a tent and cotton underwear is much more breathable than synthetic which should ensure you won’t be too icky and sticky when you and your lover disappear into the tent for some fun.
  • Walking boots – half the fun of going camping is traipsing through forests and fields, which will be full of mud and hard to cross terrain, we suggest you take some sturdy brand-name boots with you to protect your ankles from getting twisted as well as keeping your feet dry.

So that’s our list of essential camping items for glam camping. It’s not exactly exhaustive but we think you should be a fairly happy camper if you make sure you pack all the items we’ve listed above!

Now all you need is a beautiful spot and a decent tent to get you camping in style!

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