Trying to get some real answers from a gangsta rapper on the effect of his music…

Hey Rockstars,

Happy Sunday. I’m watching “Super Soul Sunday” on Oprah’s ntwork OWN. There’s a powerful documentary on about a guy in Ghana named Emmanuel who was able to rise above the expectations of him. Because he had a physical disability, people counted him out. The story is really powerful.

Just like others rise above expectations so many of us meet or fall below the low expectations that people have of us, unable to see the true power that we have. It made me think of the conversation that I had with the Southern gangsta rapper Gorilla Zoe when I invited him to hang with me in Harlem. His project was named “Don’t Feed Da Animals.”

I felt the need to be “the designated bitch.” Those who have ben watching my Bombshell Academy Videos know what I mean.

Check out the video above and you’ll see what I mean! And then don’t forget to check out my interview with Lil Mama about her new project “Hustler Girl” — also in Harlem, by the way.

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