Happy holidays, my gorgeous one! Here are 21 articles of love advice just for you primarily from my Yahoo Relationships Column. Wishing you kisses, hugs and magic whether you are single, dating, married, divorced or somewhere in between. Ho, ho, ho… ~aa

Your first holiday together! Here’s how not to blow it

Sure it’s nerve-wracking to think of your new boyfriend meeting your scary dad or judgmental Aunt Bertha, but take a deep breath. At the end of the day the opinion that matters most is yours. Prep your guy about any family weirdness and go for it.

How to avoid holiday misunderstandings

For some of us the sound of “ho, ho, ho” is sacred! For others, it’s a nuisance. Here’s how to make sure you’re still together after the holidays…

New Boyfriend Meeting the Family? Holiday Dos and Don’ts

The holidays are upon us. This time of year can be stressful for many of us. If you’re in a new relationship you may feel simultaneously excited and terrified.

Are your in-laws ruining your relationship?

When you choose a life partner you also enter a new family. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that the new family you create together receives priority. This shift in energy is bound to create problems…

What Should You Buy for Your Man? Your Gift Giving Dilemma Solved!

You love him but don’t know how to stuff his holiday stockings? We’ve got you covered!

Are your commitment issues your mom’s fault?

Much is made in the media of men’s commitment issues, right?  The unavailable man has practically become the boogey man, a fearsome character to avoid at all costs. Well, women also deal with love avoidance. The good news is that something can be done about it!

Capture the man of your dreams: How to reel in “the one”

So you’ve met someone amazing. You find him handsome, sexy, funny, compassionate and intelligent. All of his crooked places fit your crooked places. Yay, you! After all it’s not about seeking perfection because we aren’t perfect ourselves.

Do You Need a Love Contract? How to Make a Relationship Agreement

You are not legislating your love. You are legislating the ways that you will behave as a twosome. A relationship exists in the space between you both. There is nothing romantic about “winging it.” You deserve a loving partner whose perfectly weird…

Should you invite your ex’s family to your wedding? 

America’s Sweetheart allegedly has an interesting guest on her wedding list. It seems that Jennifer may have invited Jane Pitt, ex husband Brad Pitt’s mom, to attend her nuptials…

What to do if you run into your ex? A Kim Kardashian dating case study

Oh no. Is that your ex boyfriend up ahead? What! You don’t have custom designer duds or a bad boy rapper boyfriend to make the ex jealous? Okay, so what’s a proud girl next door to do in a similar situation?

3 ways to improve communication in your relationship right now!

Communication will make or break your relationship. Even if you are incredibly compatible as individuals, you’re going to have issues if you can’t become compatible communicators. Like most behaviors, we tend to model our communication methods…

Out of the Box Ways to Meet “The One”

Where can you meet someone when you’re not staring at a computer screen?

Healthy Romantic Dinner Menu for Soul Food Mates!

You’ve lit the candles, you’re looking amazing and now all you need is the perfect menu. How about Mango Glazed Salmon, Cranberry Salmon, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Spinach Salad and Couscous? This is a delicious feast for the senses and the body…

5 signs you’re (finally!) over your ex

It’s natural to grieve when a love relationship ends. This person was special to you. Just as with a death, there can be an enormous sense of loss, longing and regret after breaking up. Take it from your personal “Breakup Whisperer,” many of us move…

It’s Date Night! Cool Classes to Take with Your Beloved

If you’re thinking about that miserable college lecture with the professor who droned on and on, you’re on the wrong page. Think lively and vivacious interactive workshops. Whatever you’re into, there’s a class for that. If you can’t find the classes…

4 types of friends who will ruin your relationship

When it comes to love and friendship, your job is to continue to be the best friend you can be and assure your friends that you’ll still be there for them. You are not responsible for making any insecure person feel secure, however…

All men are dogs! Limiting beliefs that block the love you deserve

A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking. If there’s a mantra you subscribe to, such as “all men are dogs,” you will most certainly attract and be drawn to men who will prove you right.

How to balance your love life and career success! A Bethenny Frankel case study

Jason and Bethenny together look like the perfect couple. They’re both gorgeous, like a brunette Ken and Barbie made to match, and with lil daughter Brynn in the picture we’re on a fabulosity overload. Jason is a successful businessman in his own right. (This love advice column was written before Bethenny and Jason announced their split.)

The “be fearless” dating approach: Dating men over 40, plus interracial relationships

New York psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert wants to give us fearless living tools beyond therapy and “The Secret.” His new advice guide “Be Fearless” breaks down why he thinks that traditional therapy is failing.

Re-learn self-worth after a devastating breakup! Self-love lessons from Demi Moore’s ordeal

Divorce or any big breakup is like a death. The life that you thought you had planned no longer exists. In cases where there are lies and adultery, we question whether the life we thought we had even existed.

Soul mate love lessons from author Cheryl Richardson: Creating an exceptional love life

One of the more common ‘Dear Abiola’ love advice questions that I get is about soul mates. People want to know if soul mates really exist, how many opportunities at a soul mate we each get, and what to do if you’ve already broken up with yours.

How to Throw a Goddess Party: The Lifestyle Passionista’s Guide to Celebrating You

A “goddess party” is a celebration of womanhood and all things female. I have thrown several goddess parties. Occasions have included Divorce Celebrations, Bachelorette parties and happy to be single Goddess Year soirees.


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