A home is like looking through an open window into a person’s lifestyle and personality traits. Here, we look at what your home’s interior design says about you. As Oprah Winfrey says, when you come home, your safe space should rise up to meet you… Don’t forget to watch the feng shui for love advice video below that I filmed in another life! -aa 
[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he way in which a person projects themselves through their lifestyle choices, the clothes they wear, the films they watch, the music they listen to, etc can be a great insight into who they are and their personality traits.

The home however, is Freud’s dream window into the human psyche. This is because a person’s choice of interior design either to create this ideal self image, or feeling the need to express their personality through a foot stool can be very telling to who that person is.

People strive to achieve a perfect home and lifestyle; so the home has evolved from just a comforting place to relax to an extension of someone’s personality.



The style of your home is very reflective of you as a person and your lifestyle. Those who are relaxed in nature with a casual outlook on life tend to prefer a home environment that is reminiscent of the outdoors. Houses with a cottage style/theme or possessing natural furnishings are very popular with people that have a laid-back attitude on life and wish to relax in that similar comforting environment.



Warm colors can create a cozy and inviting ambiance in your home. Colors such as beige or a glowing light yellow are very popular among families to give the environment a homely feel reflective of the lifestyle they are trying to create.

Many working people try to create a relaxing retreat with a tranquil atmosphere. Colors such as a cool blue with minimal features and furnishings in the house provide a calming place to unwind after a long days work.

White Space.


A lot of white space and a minimalist approach with a less is more interior design suggests that the homeowner enjoys simplicity in design. On the other hand, vibrant extravagant colors with complicated patterns and furnishings convey the personality as outgoing and artistic.

Now that a majority of people have access to materials that can be used to make high quality looking cheap dining chairs, tables, and even leather (or fake leather) sofas for affordable prices, more people are going for the ‘modern’ look.
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The tidiness of your home is often an indicator of the home owner’s need to control his or her environment. A messy home can show more relaxed characteristics or simply just someone with a very busy lifestyle.

Tidiness varies between people. Some need a clear environment to properly relax or focus, as others can be quite content in their own mess needing some clutter for the house to feel like home. A spotless environment suggests the need to control the surrounding environment, compared to a clustered or messy environment showing personality traits as easy going and taking life as it comes.

Furniture choices like a wooden bookcase can add sophistication to the room, or wacky furniture and decorations hinting at an adventurous and contemplative lifestyle. Therefore the home is a really good insight into that person’s personality whether they are outgoing, relaxed, controlling, sophisticated, or just lazy. You can therefore aim to create a certain type of lifestyle and feel happier in an environment that best suits you, without conforming to be an IKEA junkie.

What does your home or choice of interior design say about you as a person?

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