Allow YOU to Reintroduce Yourself! 4 Flygirl Ways to Build Your Personality & Self-Confidence

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February 7, 2013 • Guest Contributor, Self-Love • Views: 77

Here are some great classes and activities that will build confidence and develop you as a person AND cultivate more discipline and confidence. Whoo hoo! Oh – and burlesque isn’t mentioned here but we highly recommend it… By the way, that featured pic of me is from a video shoot I did with Kristal Mosley of iCreateTV outside of Native Restaurant in Harlem. Tell Chef Brian we said, “hi!” -aa

Hey Rockstar!

Yeah, you. How many times have you decided you want to improve some aspect of your lifestyle or to cultivate more discipline, more confidence or some other aspect of your personality? Most of have a range of things we want to achieve in this vein and for that reason we write resolutions, read self help books and set goal.

Only the problem is that for many of us that’s all we do, and I know far too many people who seem to think that reading a self help book is tantamount to actually developing themselves.

The reality of course is that in order to see concrete changes and successes you need to actually be proactive – you can’t just read about things you want to change, but instead you need to get out there and start living the life you want. You need to start doing.

Signing up to classes and activities is a fantastic way to accomplish this because it means that you’ll be forced out of your comfort zone and given the opportunity to try and do something different, and because it will be a hands-on experience where you’ll learn by doing. Far better than reading another self-help book is to try signing up to any of these following classes…

Get Your Kerry Washington On! Acting.

Learning to act will teach you not just the confidence you need to make a fool of yourself and draw attention to yourself, but also the ability to take on a role and to make someone believe it.

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Acting skills can be fantastically useful for sales, for dating (gurrrrrl) and for all kinds of other scenarios. Find a fun acting class at your local Y. Bring someone cute with you to make it even better. Daily Candy recently had a deal for The Actors Corner NYC — Four acting classes for $90.

Become a Really Kick Ass Woman: Martial Arts.

Martial arts will teach you self discipline and are fantastic for developing your control and your calm. At the same time though you’ll also find that martial arts give you a lot of confidence, simply from knowing that you are able to take care of yourself physically should the need ever arise.


Bonus: Martial arts are great for weight loss and toning too.

Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey & YOU: Comedy.

A comedy workshop is a fantastic way to develop your confidence and to learn more about people. There are few times you will ever feel as exposed as when you’re standing up on stage performing your own material and hoping people will laugh.

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As a friend once pointed out – you can sing badly and people will still clap out of politeness, but if you tell bad jokes on stage you can be booed off.

But this is precisely the kind of experience that will teach you not to worry so much about what other people think, and to speak up and think on your feet. You’ll also develop more of an understanding as to what material will be well received, and how the human mind works as a result.

Be Ready for the Next Inauguration! Public Speaking.


Public speaking is another very useful skill and here you will learn to project your voice more – thus becoming more of an alpha male, but also once again to lose your inhibitions and to stop worrying about choking in every day situations.


The super confident blogger extraordinaire Greg Stone is a well-known stand up comedian. He has been conducting Comedy Workshops in Melbourne for the past two years.

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