Pringles Salt and Vinegar - True Pringles Story

The power of Hip Hop’s old school female rappers returns with Pringles True Story’s Salt and Vinegar! And you can win cash too…

Hey Rockstars,

Bombshell Confession: When I was 15, I was a rapper. Yes, your Passionate Living Expert was an emcee! My first group was called… wait for it… “Sugar and Spice.” Yes, we were super original. I was Sugar, my BFF Ginger was Spice and our boy Kevin was our DJ, the Almighty Mic Rocker. True story.

The Pringles Tournament of Flavors is March Madness taken to the next level. The level of hilarity. Check out the fan-submitted video above, rappers Salt & Vinegar. Obvi it’s my fave. VOTE for your favorite videos on Pringles Facebook page then Tweet using #TournamnetofFlavors to discuss the madness. The Pringles Tournament will feature 16 total videos, 8 Flavors, 4 Voting Rounds,  3 YouTube Celebrities. Voters can also win prizes along the way until the winner is chosen.

Contest & Giveaway



Pringles & I want to put $30 in your pocket right now and make you smile. Leave a comment or tweet me letting me know what you’ll do with $30 buckaroos and Pringles will send the poster I pick an AmEX gift card for $30.00 US. Whoo hoo!

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P.S. You may also get a kick out of Brad Pitt’s Pringles commercial from back in the days.  The man never had a bad angle even as a Valley Boy.

Plus, Healthy Lifestyle Tip:

All jokes aside, we’ve been talking about healthier eating here on The Passionista Playbook lifestyle blog and what’s cool is that there are Pringles Multigrain chips. They also have Reduced Fat, Light (fat free) and 100 calorie packs. It’s about learning how to snack smarter.

Contest void where prohibited. Limited to readers age 18 and older. Gift cards for this yummy sponsored post provided by our good friends at Pringles.

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