Recently, the goddesses were all a-twitter about blogger Joe Shervell’s Kanye-inspired post here on the blog. He presented, “The Top 7 Kanye West Business Lessons! What We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian’s Baby Daddy.”

Now, our Personal Finance expert Kara Stevens is taking the “Be Like Kanye” lesson plan one step further. Consider it an empowerment lesson to celebrate the birth of his first child, the sure-to-be gorgeous, lil Miss North West. Watch Kara’s motivational video for Kanye-powered affirmation as Love University temporarily becomes Kanye College. -aa

Hey Rockstars,

If confidence is something that you struggle with, might I recommend a dose of Kanye. Yes, Kanye West–the man with an ego the size of a several large stadiums combined. I say “dose” because all of you need is a little of what Kanye has to make you feel entitled to abundance and goodness. When I am feeling low on confidence, I take a swig of the Kanye Kool-Aid.

In other words, I use Kanye as my confidence role-model. What Would Kanye Do? If you can’t see the video about “Yeezus” below, click here.


Additional Life Lessons from Kara Stevens: 

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