Our good friends at Kissy Bang Bang  take a shot at the age old supposed battle of the sexes. Let’s just say, somebody’s a little on edge. Let’s compare some of the different ways men and women approach dating. Don’t forget to check out their other advice posts here: “Does He Like Me?” and “Why Won’t He Grow Up?” -aa

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ccording to the Brits, when it comes to dating guys and girls are like chalk and cheese. Unless the cheese is chalk flavored.  Or the chalk is ch- oh never mind. The point is it’s no groundbreaking news that we’re different.

Find me at the club.

For starters, your initial reaction to showing up at the bar in your to-die-for-heels before he has might be ‘great, now I look overly into him’, but in reality, when he strolls in and sees you already there, he’s just thankful you’re not at home sleeping with someone else.

Chances are he’s going to like the fact you’re a little bit early because it means you’ve got time for him.

Another misconception is that guys hate their girl being checked out by other guys. I’m not saying this isn’t true for all cases. I mean, you want your guy to shoot some piercing looks at any weirdos eyeing you up, but if it’s just a passing double take, the chances are your guy is gonna feel like he’s got some serious man points for dating you.

It’s also generally perceived that girls are the ones to fall first and who can blame people for having that view? You only have to watch fifteen minutes of any rom-com to see some girl lusting over a ridiculously attractive guy who hasn’t even noticed her yet.

Moving on.

Movies aside, sometimes people forget that us girls have a past and while we like to think we’re open to new relationships, the likelihood is our guard is up a little more after being let down by a few men we really fell for.

Don’t think of it as being insecure; think of it as being fiercer and more Beyonce-ish when it comes to dating. While on the other hand, guys are typically known for being more (ahem!) ballsy, so yes they might have spent no less than three weeks crying over their ex and yes they might have kept one of her socks, but once they meet someone new, they’re less likely to have reservations about getting hurt again.

Your exes.

Speaking of exes, has anyone else noticed that guys are less likely to want to know about the last guy you dated?

Maybe us girls are just more nosy  but once I’m in a relationship with someone, I can’t help but be curious about their previous girlfriend.

Basically, I wanna know if she’s hotter than me! So, I’ll subtlety ask her name and guaranteed I’ll be on Facebook later that night saying to my best friend ‘Just tell me the truth, is she prettier?’ while said best friend loyally denies it to the bone.

Now imagine that same scenario with two guys – it just doesn’t work does it? I think guys are less likely to entertain the idea that you’ve slept with other guys, so he’ll just take the ‘What I don’t know won’t hurt me approach’.

As for us girls, in general, we’re more likely to take the ‘What I don’t know won’t hurt me but it will hurt whoever kept it from me’ approach, channeling our inner Beyonce – fierce!

This post was written by Kissy Bang Bang – a sexual health brand that is (shock horror) fun!

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