Prayer for Healing After a Scary Diagnosis…

Trigger Warning: This prayer for healing email is about a letter I received a few minutes ago from a beautiful woman who was just diagnosed with cancer.

Also, if you know the artist who created this featured artwork, please let me know. It was on social media and I would like to give credit.

Abiola Abrams

How to Get More ‘Followers’ for Your Message, Mission, or Movement

How to get more followers? Well gorgeous, first of all, you are building a tribe NOT followers.

My first thought whenever someone asks me how to get more followers is that it’s not about the numbers OR followers. It’s about having the right people who are into you — and you’re into them. It’s about tribe building and engagement.

I am as into my tribe as they are into me. We are NOT followers…

Whoo hoo! 
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Now let’s get into 12 (TWELVE) of my 24 proven ways for you to attract more folks who are into your magic, miracles and mojo!

Abiola Abrams

Sacred Meditation Break! Meditation for Receiving & Allowing Good Things (Audio)

You are WORTHY of All Good Things. Claim it.

Ask. Believe. Receive.
Sacred Meditation for Receiving…

In case you missed it, yesterday I sent info about registration being open for theBecome the Guru Bootcamp. If you need help getting your sacred business together so that you can speak, write, and coach, teach, or consult and create products, take a look. Yay!

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