Abiola Abrams

Sacred Meditation Break! Meditation for Receiving & Allowing Good Things (Audio)

You are WORTHY of All Good Things. Claim it.

Ask. Believe. Receive.
Sacred Meditation for Receiving…

In case you missed it, yesterday I sent info about registration being open for theBecome the Guru Bootcamp. If you need help getting your sacred business together so that you can speak, write, and coach, teach, or consult and create products, take a look. Yay!

The free 4-video Spiritpreneur Success Strategy training I created to celebrate the course is also still up! 

The One Critical Thing Every Spiritpreneur Needs for Her Heart-Centered Business to Succeed (Video)

The ONE really important thing you need to be a success story with your heart-centered business… Ready? Let’s get into it!

For a long time, I thought that PASSION or HOPE plus HARD WORK alone was enough to succeed. I was wrong. There is one thing that every successful business bombshell and spiritpreneur and from Oprah Winfrey to Gabby Bernstein has. (In addition to their powerful passion and heroic hope…)

This needs to be a part of your business plan and your every day when you are answering your calling, living on purpose, and building your business. So if HOPE is not a business plan, PASSION is not a success strategy, and HARD WORK alone is NOT the key, then WHAT IS?


ABL: Always Be Learning… Why You Need to Further Your Education in the Way That Works Best for You

Hey loves,

I hope that you enjoy today’s post if you’re considering furthering your education. It’s important for me to share my thoughts on the topic. As someone with multiple degrees, folks are surprised at my personal definition of furthering your education. I don’t think that you need to have advanced letters after your name to prove your self worth. 

To me, furthering your education includes you hitting up the Amazon library and delving deep into a subject you’re interested in. I see many more parents saying that they want to give their kids money to start a business, not go to a college and become a slave to loans. I concur. There are many ways to learn and many certifications that may be more applicable to your goals than traditional education. Decide what is right for you…

Whatever route you choose, your education doesn’t create your worth. You are already enough, as is.

xoxo, aa