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What’s My Advice to Up-And-Coming Writers? SORMAG Asked and I Answered! (Plus Video)

SORMAG, or Shades of Romance Magazine, is an online magazine for readers and writers. LaShaunda Hoffman founded Shades Of Romance Magazine because of her love of African-American romance novels and the lack of support for these books and writers. SORMAG was an extension of an online forum called Aspiring African-American Romance Writers she started on delphiforums way back in 1999. Then SORMAG became a bi-monthly online magazine. They featured their first online conference in 2001 and now they host one every other year. The magazine evolved to feature not only romance but all literature, writing, and good books. 


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Ego-Trippin’? There May be a Reason Why! Poetry Break by Nikki Giovanni

National Poetry Day was October 2nd but National Poetry Month is in April. World Poetry Day is March 21st. Oh, and Poet’s Day is August 21st. Haiku Poetry Day is April 17th. Confusing? Yes, but we all need more poetry in our lives. Poetry is a sacred connection to the divine.

“Yolande Cornelia “Nikki” Giovanni Jr. is a writer, commentator, activist, and educator. Nikki Giovanni was born in Tennessee to Yolande Cornelia, Sr. and Jones “Gus” Giovanni. She grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati and in 1960 began her studies at her grandfather’s alma mater, Fisk University. In 1967, she graduated with honors with a B.A. in History. Afterward she went on to attend the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University.

In 1969 Giovanni began teaching at Rutgers University, and since 1987, she taught writing and literature at Virginia Tech, where she is a University Distinguished Professor. She has received the NAACP Image Award several times, received twenty honorary doctorates, the Rosa Parks Woman of Courage Award, and the Langston Hughes Award for Distinguished Contributions to Arts and Letters.” – Via Wikipedia

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How to Re-Create Your Life! I’m Speaking in Atlanta at Single Wives Club’s ‘Be Your Own Boss’ Summit (Chat Transcript)

I’m a Speaker at The Single Wives Club’s BYOB, Be York Own Boss Business Summit in Atlanta.

About The Single Wives Club: “Est. 2011; Single women preparing to become wives while living happy, healthy, wealthy lives. #SingleWivesWeekend is October 17th to the 19th.

Single Wives Affirmation: I am living the wife life by welcoming opportunities for growth & self-development. Investing in myself. Focusing on the positive. Encouraging & supporting one another.”


Is It a Contradiction for Those Who Profess Self-Love to Wear Makeup, a Hair Weave, Push Up Bra, or Stilettos?

“The Sacred Feminine Law of Nizhoni, Beauty as a Spiritual Practice:

The Sacred Bombshell embraces beauty as a spiritual practice. She knows that at any moment she can make the decision to be beautiful or to enjoy beauty. This is sacred Nizhoni.

The bombshell need only rise to her true magnificence and step into her greatness. All beautifulness or ugliness she sees in her world shines forth from her. The beauty she admires in others is her own divine light being reflected.” –Excerpted from The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

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The Sacred Art of Flirting! A ‘Single in Stilettos’ Conversation with Matchmaker Suzanne Oshima (VIDEO)

Let’s talk about how to get your flirt on. Suzanne Oshima, top matchmaker and dating coach, interviewed me for her “Single in Stilettos” series. I’ve had many collaborations with Suzanne and I’m proud to say that she said that this was the best one yet.

You know what that means? It means that this is a must-watch love class. Check it out!

By the way, the featured photo is Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant in the 199 film, “Monkey Business.” Now there was a woman who understood the principles of flirting.

“Flirting or coquetry is a social and sometimes sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another, suggesting an interest in a deeper relationship with the other person. In most cultures, it is socially disapproved for a person to make explicitly sexual advances, but indirect or suggestive advances (i.e., flirting) may at times be considered acceptable. On the other hand, some people flirt playfully, for amusement.” – via Wikipedia

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Love School for Nerds Podcast #32! ‘Dear Abiola & Jay, I Have to Choose Between My Husband & My Son!’ (Audio)

This week on Love School for Nerds, Jay Jackson-Rao of The Nerdpocalypse and Abiola discuss a letter from a woman who is torn between here new husband and their meant-to-be love relationship and her young adult son. She feels like she finally has a second chance of love but it is all going up in smoke! Having to make choices as to whether to help her son with his life or send him out on his own like her new husband prefers. Its quite the dilemma for the entire family. Listen in to see how Jay and Abiola break this one down and give the best advice possible. Subscribe to the Love School for Nerds Podcast on iTunes.

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‘I Am So Grateful.’ Yaddie’s Reflections on The Sacred Bombshell Goddess Healing Circle with Abiola Abrams and Tia Johnson

This weekend it was my pleasure to host a healing circle in Harlem to address fear. Imagine my JOY and YAY-ment when one of our Sacred Bombshell Goddess Circle workshop participants announced that she was Ms. Grear Yaddie Turnbull, our long time astrological sister. We’ve never met in person and she has no pictures online. 

We have great love for the wonder-filled astrologer Grear Yaddie Turnbull here on the Sacred Bombshell Blog. She has been a blog sister through our many iterations. Her insights are poignant Find her astrological predictions for 2014 here.

Of course, we had to invite this wonder-woman to bless us with her post-event insight. 

I’ve left in all of the wonderful grammatically magical Grear-isms so that you can catch the full meaning of her unique way of writing and communicating.

Be sure to observe the ArchAngel exercise Grear shares below. By the way, my workshop co-host, healer Tia Johnson also shared an ArchAngel Meditation with us in this workshop. xoxo -aa

Take it away, Gorgeous Grear… 

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“Are These Brussels Sprouts Vegan?” A Caveat Vegan Experience at the Fab Neely’s BBQ Parlor in NYC

“Food Network celebrities Pat and Gina Neely are successful examples of hard work, opportunity and strong business savvy.

Neely’s Barbecue Parlor embraces the talents of the Neelys, featuring authentic barbecue, as well as their highly regarded Southern Style comfort food. Diners enter a restaurant drenched with ‘down home’ sensibility, as rooms flow from one to the next with hand selected vintage furniture and accessories.

Each piece tells a story. Exuding the charm of a southern home, the individual character of each room lays the perfect backdrop for private parties. From the bright Sitting Room to the lush Living Room, diners will find the perfect spot to immerse themselves into the Neely’s experience of amazing food and fantastic service time after time.” – from their site. Featured photo from Wikipedia.

Goddess City Empowerment with Abiola Abrams Antoy Grant

Sacred Bombshell Goddess Circle in Harlem! How We Confronted Fear (Photo Diary)

Around 2001, I started holding private Goddess Circles in my East Harlem apartment with friends and acquaintances. At one gathering, we passed around a rock as a talking stick, meaning whoever had the rock had the floor. It was a Saturday afternoon and beauties like the light worker Yolanda “Shoshi” Shoshana were present. A woman confessed that she was “sick of feeling dead inside.” Another co-signed. Each told a different version of the superwoman syndrome story: burning the candle at both ends, never feeling like you’re enough, caught up in trying to get “there” and then feeling lonely and like an impostor when you achieve success.

I felt all of this then, in my 20s, and it only became more intense. I grew up believing that the only way to be loved was through achievement. ” – From The Sacred Bombshell Handbook of Self-Love

And by the way, that’s a flashback photo of me with my girl, Antoy Grant, in our women’s empowerment play, “Goddess City.” We created the ultimate healing empowerment spaces in theaters as our show covered controversial and taboo topics from colorism to female genital circumcision. My name was the Goddess of Nerve, Antoy was the Goddess of Fever, and Kimberly Howard, pictured with us, represented the Goddess of Truth.