‘Re-ject!’ 5 Bold Ways to Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection and Live on Purpose

The real key is the lesson from The 4 Agreements. Don’t take anything personally. But many of us — me included — aren’t all the way there yet.

Your fear of rejection can block you in your relationships and as a sacred spiritpreneur and business bombshell. Here’s how to reject rejection if every single time it feels painfully personal…


The Method to Create a Vision! Replay of ‘Your Bombshell Breakthrough Year’, Part 1 (Audio)

Last night was session 1 of my Bombshell Breakthrough Year workshop structured to help you have your best year ever. This is a workshop that I created to be free exclusively for my one-on-one coaching clients. This year, I decided to make it available to my tribe for free — and I am so happy that I decided to do that. This workshop is transformative for all areas of your life, but our focus is your professional life.


“Nothing is Dreadful on Me!” Natural Hair Beauty Expert Adana Collins on ‘Dreadlocks’ & her Business of Self-Love

I interviewed Natural Hair Beauty Expert and Mommy Entrepreneur Adana Collins about balancing business and motherhood for Mommy Noire. It was such a great conversation that we kept talking. Adana is also a jewelry designer, licensed face painter, and all around artist.

Here’s the overflow of that amazing convo with the gorgeous Guyanese woman including her business advice. She also shares more of her ideas about self-love and self-esteem. See what she has to say about the word “dreadlocks”…