How to Be a Highly Sensitive Person in a Harsh World (Video)

“A highly sensitive person (HSP) is a person having the innate trait of high sensory processing sensitivity. 

According to Elaine N. Aron, highly sensitive people, who compose about a fifth of the population, may process sensory data much more deeply and thoroughly due to a biological difference in their nervous systems.

Being a highly sensitive person is a specific trait, with key consequences for how we view people, that in the past has often been confused with innate shyness, social anxiety problems, inhibitedness, social phobia and innate fearfulness, and introversion. The trait is measured using the HSP Scale, which has been demonstrated to have both internal and external validity.” – Via Wikipedia Commons


Spiritpreneur School #1 with Yogini and Gymboree Founder, Joan Barnes! (Video)


“As an untried and young woman, building an unconventional service business without any real estate, operating out of rented Church and Temple halls—and even then a mere few days a week—I hardly imagined this business suitable for inclusion in the prestigious Silicon Valley Sand Hill Road venture community…yet, there we were, sitting in their Board Room.” – Joan Barnes


‘Re-ject!’ 5 Bold Ways to Eliminate Your Fear of Rejection and Live on Purpose

The real key is the lesson from The 4 Agreements. Don’t take anything personally. But many of us — me included — aren’t all the way there yet.

Your fear of rejection can block you in your relationships and as a sacred spiritpreneur and business bombshell. Here’s how to reject rejection if every single time it feels painfully personal…