Let’s talk about some of the myths relating to the single life, and looks at whether being a singleton does actually equal sadness. Are you a “Sex and the City’ single or a “Bridget Jones” single? And why does it seem to matter so much to everybody else.  Thanks Joan Davies for the post. Oh– and check it out! The video below is about “The Goddess Year” — the year of celebrating the single life. ~aa  

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]uch is made of the life of the singleton. The term was first used in the famous “Bridget Jones’ Diary” chronicles, where being an unattached woman was seen as a sad situation to be in. However, it is now more than ten years since the books and the films entered the public domain. The concept of the singleton is very different now to what it was then.

Being single these days is quite an enviable place to be.  With one in three marriages ending in divorce, being single can save a lot of heartache in the long run. However, it is inherent in most people to want to pair up and procreate. This is after all ingrained in human nature.

Years ago, people would pair up at a young age for a multitude of reasons. These included traditional values, such as not being able to live with a partner before marriage and to make sure that children were born in wedlock.

Xo Passion Card  14Not any more!

These days, people stay single for a much longer period. It is more advisable not to rush into marriage.  However, it is a myth that this restraint is due to the lack of offers.

Many single men and women often hold off settling down while they concentrate on other things they wish to do. For example, people delay entering into relationships while they work on career enhancement or go traveling. Other folks are just having fun. Many people want to get these experiences out of their systems before they “settle down’ with someone.

(Abiola says: For the record, “settling down” in a horrid expression!)

It is therefore a huge fallacy that being single always equates to a life of sadness.  Many people are happily single and enjoy having no one to answer to. They run their lives as they please, seeing friends and family whenever they like.

These singletons like the idea that they would rather be on their own than be in a destructive or potentially restrictive relationship.  The sensible singleton will try not to get involved with someone until they feel the time is right.

Of course there are those who simply cannot help themselves. They meet the loves of their lives at a young age and are happy to stay with them. Those in this position are very fortunate to meet someone at such a young age with whom they can experience life and adventures.

This doesn’t mean that those who put off relationships at a young age are missing out. There is someone out there for everyone, at each stage of life.  The good thing is that these days people have more choice over this aspect of their lives.

Yippeeee for couples. Hurrah for singles. Yay for whatever life you choose!


this fab singleton post was skillyfully written by Joan Davies on behalf of Single Solution.


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