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Here’s what I’m pinning on my Pinterest fantasy fashion board “Goddess + Glam + Gaudy + Chic. That’s My Style!

Hell-o Stripes!

One of my dorkier outfits in a baaaad high school fashion show was a white sailor hat and blue/white striped shirt. Yes– hello, “Clueless.” ELLE Magazine is saying that STRIPES will be back BIG TIME in the Spring, 2013. Like all fashion it’s just a guide. The passionate life is about making this trend your own.

You’re a leader — not a follower, right?

I’ve been enjoying this for a while in my Pinterest fantasy closet. Hey — if people can play fantasy baseball, I can have fantasy fashion closets. Wait until you see my Pinterest Shoe Closet.

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Mix of Current and Vintage Striped Looks!


















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