Spiritpreneur-in-Progress! The Fabulous Yelitsa Jean-Charles and Her Natural Hair Dolls

Hey Gorgeous- 

The Sacred Bombshell movement is all about self-love, and this blog is about self-worth. We define a Sacred Bombshell as a woman who loves, honors, and cherishes herself in mind, body and spirit. For most of us, this sense of self-worth and self-acceptance came as an adult — and continues to evolve. After all, if for whatever reason your beautiful parental figures didn’t love themselves, then they couldn’t teach you to love yourself.

Being a spiritpreneur is about taking your self-love to self-launch. In other words, your self-love manifested.


Everything great in this world was created by someone seeking to fill a need that makes their own heart sing. I call these creators spiritpreneurs. They are also known as heart-centered entrepreneurs, conscious entrepreneurs, and creative geniuses.

Visual activist Yelitsa Jean-Charles is one such future guru. She is a spiritpreneur-in-progress and currently studying at the prestigious RISD. Yes, she is the real deal. Her product is a line of beautiful Afro-textured natural hair dolls. Support her product, and support her upcoming Kickstarter.

My favorite doll when I was a little girl was a doll named Kimmie who had short, curly hair like mine and chocolate skin like mine. When I looked at her I felt beautiful. I wish the same for every little girl. -aa