“I Forgot to Love Myself More!” 4 Powerful Gifts to Give Yourself After a Break Up by Coach Neek

One of my favorite pleasures is exposing you to other amazing teachers you should know. Today, meet the lovely Coach Neek. There’s a great deal of overlap in our work. Her lessons on love, life and heartbreak are transformative. Today she is addressing a teaching I offer often: “When in doubt about who to love, always choose you.” -aa

Love Advice Letter: ‘Dear Abiola, Help! I Think My Boyfriend Might Be Gay’

How’s your August going? I am still on my social media blackout and loving it.

I am sharing this Dear Abiola letter because I think it’s important that we have open communication with our boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers and loved ones about everything. For those not seeking committed love, be safe and enjoy. For those seeking committed love: if you don’t feel comfortable enough share your mind, then you may want to take more time before sharing your body. 

You can also find my most recent Essence column here and my Mommy Noire posts on being sexy on first dates, single girl hookup rules and hot monogamy tips. I also have free gifts for you when you subscribe to the site.

I have also included a flashback interview that I did with talented writer Terrance Dean. If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch on YouTube. Terrance has been very open about his history as a former gay man on the down low in the hip hop music and entertainment industry. Stay cool. -aa

Did Long Distance or Neglect Turn My Marriage into Torture? Guest Post from the Passion Posse

My name is Jessica. I’m a professional writer, freelance blogger and new member of Abiola’s Passion Posse here. I am really passionate about everything related to family. My previous post for the Love University Blog was “I Confess! ‘The End of My Marriage: Married Roommates.’”

While Abiola is on her media blackout, find her LDR (Long Distance Romantic Relationship)  flashback Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em advice video below from a couple of years ago. Does absence make the heart grow fonder or does absence make the heart forget?

I Confess! ‘The End of My Marriage: Married Roommates;’ A Reader’s Story + My Essence Advice Column

Divorce statistics being what they are, chances are that either you or someone you love will experience a life-changing break up in your life time. Let’s talk about the syndrome of “married roommates” and how to keep the “Honeymoon Effect.”