‘My Military Boyfriend Cheated & He’s Currently Deployed!’ This Week’s Essence Advice Column

This week’s “Intimacy Intervention” Essence advice column: love, infidelity, heartbreak and dating a man currently serving in the armed services.

For additional insight, please don’t forget to also watch the moving and courageous video diary below from a young military wife sharing the rough transition that she’s been experiencing as a newlywed of four months. Her video is called “The Story of an Army Wife: From Long Distance Relationship to Marriage.”

Please note the wisdom she shares when she says, “love (alone) is not enough to get you through marriage.” Her updated YouTube video blog is called Chrystyn’s View

Talk Show Love Intervention: She’s Not Your ‘Baby Mama,’ She’s Your Family! (Video)

“Mistress is just a pretty word for side dish, and when you go to a restaurant the side dish is the cheapest thing on the menu.” Who was I talking to when I said this? Let’s talk about love and betrayal in this recent talk show love intervention.

Also, are you keeping up with your love lessons? Don’t forget to check out my Mommy Noire Love Class. This week’s lesson is dealing with your own people pleasing ruining relationships. I also launched a new LIVE Love Class Interview series this week with Relationship Experts Damona Hoffman and Dr. Carmen Harra. More goodies on the way…