Love School for Nerds Podcast: Episode 40! ‘Dear Abiola & Jay, Will My Heart Ever Mend?’ (Audio)

This week on Love School for Nerds, we discuss a letter from a woman who has been cheated on by her husband. She wants to make it work but the mother of the child that was made from the affair isn’t making it simple. She wants to know whether she will ever get over this and can they truly move past this level of betrayal.


‘My Military Boyfriend Cheated & He’s Currently Deployed!’ This Week’s Essence Advice Column

This week’s “Intimacy Intervention” Essence advice column: love, infidelity, heartbreak and dating a man currently serving in the armed services.

For additional insight, please don’t forget to also watch the moving and courageous video diary below from a young military wife sharing the rough transition that she’s been experiencing as a newlywed of four months. Her video is called “The Story of an Army Wife: From Long Distance Relationship to Marriage.”

Please note the wisdom she shares when she says, “love (alone) is not enough to get you through marriage.” Her updated YouTube video blog is called Chrystyn’s View