Spiritpreneur School 15! Shark Tank Veteran Lori Cheek on Persistence (Video)

What can we learn from a savvy veteran of “The Tank” like our Business Bombshell Lori Cheek? Everything!

You can find the Cheekd app and get your dating like together in the iTunes app store or at Cheekd.com.

Meanwhile, join our Shark Tank meets Spiritpreneur School party here. We are talking to Lori Cheek, Shark Tank alum. She has much to share…

Advice Columnist Chat! A Convo about Love and Self-Esteem on ‘Essence Live’ (Video)

I’m an advice columnist for Essence.com. My “Dear Abiola” column dissects your relationship dilemmas every Tuesday. Last week I made a live appearance on the fun, new, high-energy talk show, “Essence Live.” I answered a few of your advice questions about self-confidence, feeling worthy of love, and valuing who you are in mind, body, and spirit.

Pink Wisdom! What You Need to Know About Your Relationships and Self-Worth

Alison Chase is creator of the site WakeUpToBreakUp.com. She is also the author of “Dear John…, which she co-authored with John Leuba. She interviewed me for her exciting new venture Pink Wisdom about your relationships and self-worth. The featured photo is a throwback shoot I did a few years ago with the super gifted JC Photos.…

Should You Settle? What Settle-Free Means – And What Settling Doesn’t Mean (Video)

Should you settle? The Settle-Free Dating Method for Single Women… A short video to celebrate Tinzley Bradford’s new book! Let’s talk about what settling means when it comes to love and life. (Photo of the authoress and her amazing cutie-pie “Snookums.”)