Advice Columnist Chat! A Convo about Love and Self-Esteem on ‘Essence Live’ (Video)

I’m an advice columnist for My “Dear Abiola” column dissects your relationship dilemmas every Tuesday. Last week I made a live appearance on the fun, new, high-energy talk show, “Essence Live.” I answered a few of your advice questions about self-confidence, feeling worthy of love, and valuing who you are in mind, body, and spirit.

Pink Wisdom! What You Need to Know About Your Relationships and Self-Worth

Alison Chase is creator of the site She is also the author of “Dear John…, which she co-authored with John Leuba. She interviewed me for her exciting new venture Pink Wisdom about your relationships and self-worth. The featured photo is a throwback shoot I did a few years ago with the super gifted JC Photos.…

Should You Settle? What Settle-Free Means – And What Settling Doesn’t Mean (Video)

Should you settle? The Settle-Free Dating Method for Single Women… A short video to celebrate Tinzley Bradford’s new book! Let’s talk about what settling means when it comes to love and life. (Photo of the authoress and her amazing cutie-pie “Snookums.”)