Diamond Candles Review + Giveaway hosted by @CoyeLeRocke! Win a Soy Candle & Ring

Candles are essential to my life. Whenever I need writing inspiration, I light a yummy-smelling candle like vanilla (aromatherapy) and go “in.” Day or night, there is usually a candle burning on my desk. Candles are an affordable indulgence that can really change a mood. I also use them on my altar and when I meditate. 

Let’s see how Coye enjoyed the fun new Diamond Candles that everyone is talking about. They are made of eco-friendly soy so that makes us happy. In her last review Coye took on Spicy Subscriptions. Ow!  Find Ms. Coye on Twitter @CoyeLeRocke and >>RaffleCopter<< to see how you can win a Diamond Candle — and ring — for yourself.  -aa

Green Girl Lifestyle Tips that Save You Money PLUS Mother Earth Thanks You

Did you see the documentary “No Impact Man“? It screened on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. “No Impact Man” follows a year in the life of a New York City family that strives to have a zero-waste lifestyle for a year. The radical eco-friendly experiment was presented by Colin Beavan to his wife Michelle Conlin.

So what does a zero-waste lifestyle entail? In the film the couple aims to reduce their environmental footprint to zero, so they give up planes, trains and automobiles and take up biking instead. They also only eat food that is locally grown, with no meat or fowl, of course. They also give up electricity, disposable diapers, Starbucks coffee and most surprisingly, toilet paper.

No toilet paper! Luuuuckily, we don’t have to be that extreme to make a difference. Yesterday I talked about cooking from my parents’ garden. That’s an easy way to start. Check it out. Put More Green in Your Pocket with Tips for a Green Lifestyle…  Thanks Mark Harris. And check out the Vintage Planet Abiola green vegan shopping in NYC video below. -aa