Omnivore Karl Sterling joins us to discuss the advancements made by vegetarian protein, meat analogue, and ‘faux’ meat products, and yummy suggestions for holiday serving.

Vegetarians rejoice as the holidays approach. Gratefully gone are the days of dry, unpalatable and unseasoned veggie TVP protein flakes or lumpy canned fodder. (See the “Everybody Loves Raymond episode video below.)

With tasty advancements in meat substitutes and ‘faux meats’ like Tofurky, vegetarians and friendly carnivores enjoy the savory holiday taste of turkey! Those yearning for the flavors of Italian salami or sausages, chorizo or roast beef as antipasto and appetizers or holiday meal leftovers have additional reasons to celebrate today.

[Image from Click for a tasty tofu turkey recipe that you don’t have to be a vegetarian to enjoy!]

Tofurky feast for the holidays

Tofurky Feast is completely enjoyable for vegans and other vegetarians. The holiday package comes stuffed with a larger-than-usual Tofurky roast, “giblet” gravy (giblet-free), whole-wheat/wild rice stuffing, and delectable organic chocolate cake (from Amy’s Kitchen) for dessert. A Tofurky Wishstix adds to the holiday fun: open and pull to make a wish, then eat the delicious Tofurky jerky!

The Tofurky Feast thaws in the refrigerator and stays fresh for up to 30 days (when refrigerated). It easily serves up to six holiday diners.

Tasty tempeh

Try savory Italian-flavored tempeh strips with salad greens or rice during the holiday. Tempeh, made by pressing and fermenting rice, beans and grains, offers vegans and vegetarians with additional protein-packed flavors during the holidays.

Turtle Island Foods, The makers of Tofurky, also offer a wide variety of succulent tempeh flavors, including marinated smoky maple bacon, sesame garlic, coconut curry and lemon pepper tastes.

Try grilling and combining marinated tempeh to rice and grain stuffing and side dishes for an extra delicious way to add nutrition and texture to your meals.

Quorn Turk’y Roast

Quorn products offer a soy-free meat alternative (for allergic individuals or those seeking to reduce soy products) for the holidays.


Quorn Turk’y tastes like turkey and can be kept moist and flavorful by adding gravies and basting sauces during the roasting process.  Unlike Tofurky, Quorn products contain dairy and egg products. The consistency of Quorn Turk’y roast’s “mouth-feel” is chewy and similar to real turkey. It’s lightly seasoned and delectably savory.

Many larger U.S. grocers, including Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Albertsons, Giant and Stop & Shop carry Quorn products in the freezer section. According to the company’s website, the Quorn line is available in 11 countries (including the United Kingdom).

Juicy vegetarian Italian sausage

Making a delicious stuffing, complete with chunks of Italian sausage, is possible for vegetarians. Italian sausage by Lightlife offers vegetarians savory versatility: sauté whole sausages with peppers and onions, or slice sausages to add to soups and stuffings. Try a roasted whole sausage on a toasted bun with Dijon mustard for a snack before and after the holiday feast, too.

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Soy Chorizo options

Serve a side dish of spicy chorizo with the holiday feast. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy this extra-spicy and flavorful specialty sausage. Popular varieties of soy chorizo include Melissa’s El Burrito and Trader Joe’s. For Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast, scramble soy chorizo with eggs for an exciting and hearty dish.


Karl Sterling is an omnivore blogger, whose interests range from veggie products to Professional Meat Grinder equipment. That pretty much says it all!
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