Let’s talk about some of the common fears men have about getting married – both the wedding itself and actually being married. Be sure to watch the two interesting videos on men and marriage and check out the super-sweet “Will you marry me?” infographic that one awesome geek made for his perfect geekette. Too cute. Featured photo of the groom and groomsmen at “Ashley and Eddie’s wedding by Acres of Hope Photography.” Well done, all. -aa 

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you’re a guy who’s about to get married then it’s probably safe to presume that you’re more than a little scared. You might be the happiest man in the world in your current relationship, and you might be completely happy to settle down one day – but none of this changes the fact that you’re about to go through a hugely expensive ordeal where all eyes will be on you, only to then have your life completely changed in ways that might be quite unexpected.

Then there are all the horror stories you hear. You probably know at least a few people who are already divorced, and it’s a well-known fact that the statistics are hardly on your side when it comes to your marriage lasting. Then there are the stories from your guy friends who are still happily married. Even they will probably have some warnings for you – that the sexual stuff is going to stop for instance, and that you’ll probably never go on another night out in your life…

But we’re here to tell you that it’s not all that bad. There are actually a lot of positives to getting married and in reality these outweigh the negatives.

To raise your spirits, here’s a list of the very best things about getting betrothed.

The Day Itself.

The day itself might be a little scary and expensive, but that’s not to say there aren’t a lot of positives. For one, this is one of the few times in your life that you’ll have all the people you love in one room. Family members will travel from around the world, and friends from Uni will come out of the woodwork, all for one more absolutely amazing day and night.

Talk about parties, this is going to be the bash to end all bashes.

At the same time weddings are also an opportunity to feel very cool. You’ll be looking your best in a great tux and you’ll be in loads of pictures designed to make you feel like Bond. Combine that with the fact that you’ll have a team of lackeys behind you and this is a great ego boost.

There’s also a lot to like surrounding the wedding. In the build-up to the occasion you’ll get to enjoy a bachelor party (another absolutely amazing night out) and right after you’ll have an amazing honeymoon filled with sexiness…

Being Married.

Sure the nights out may come a little less frequently, but what you’ll get instead is a lot of nights in with nice warm meals, great TV and loving company. That might sound lame, but how often have you been going on a night out and secretly wishing you could just stay in?

When you’re married there’s nothing to prove and you can really spend your time doing whatever it is that you love.

Sexy Time.

As for the lack of intimacy, this is true for a lot of people but it doesn’t paint a complete picture. Sure there could be less sexy time than there was when you first started dating, but that’s still a lot more than you’d have if you were single. More to the point lovemaking you do have will be amazing. Why? Because your partner will have spent years learning all the things you like and all the things you don’t.

In other words this is tailor made horizontal time that’s exactly the way you want it every time. Which is pretty sweet…

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Getting married is also very good for your finances. Now is when you’ll probably settle down and get a house, and it’s when you’ll start succeeding in your career. In other words you’ll have security and confidence and a beautiful house to show for it all.

Then there’s the other oft-quoted downside to getting married, which is that shortly afterward your partner may well start getting baby fever and making hints about bringing some kids into the world ending your youth once and for all. But the thing about this is that just like marriage, it’s not actually all that bad. Having children is scary too certainly, but once again actually going through it is far more rewarding than you can expect.

Marriage Proposal  Infographic

Patricia Adams is a florist in Perth. She likes the changes that have taken place since her marriage and has listed some of the best in today’s post.  Image License: Creative Commons image source.

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